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Annual Programme up until 27/03/2024
Revised 24/11/2023

If on Zoom a link will be sent to members a few days before each Club meeting

Final Entry Dates for Competitions - please email images to

Please note – all images must be submitted in advance)

Hand in dates:- 

10/01/2024 PDIOTY4

24/01/2024 Workers

21/02/2024 Conservation

For the Covid Risk assessment when at the Church Hall click here

The pdf download is here but note the programme may change at short notice. 



22/11/2023      Heat 3 Judge for yourself – PDI of the year (on ZOOM)

Your votes will be used to promote some of our top images at the end of the year.


29/11/2023      “Lets Get Creative”, Adrian Lines MPAGB,FBPE, etc (on ZOOM)

 ‘Let’s Get Creative’ explores a range of Adrian’s newer images, many created during lockdown using toys and making self portraits.  The talk shows the transitions from the starting image to the finished work.

Hand-in for “Reflections"


06/12/2023      3rd Set-Subject PDI Comp, "Reflections" (on ZOOM)

An internal PDI competition (up to 3 entries per member) judged by ourselves.


13/12/2023      An Evening with Martin Robinson -  PATAGONIA

We all know how good a photographer Martin is, so tonight will be special. 


 Patagonia (Chile) - search for pumas success and failure. Trips to Torres Del Paine national park Jan 2020 and September 2023.  Mix of wildlife and landscape photography.


20/12/2023      Xmas Social


27/12/2023      No meeting – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

03/01/2024      Nature Photography in the UK, with Roger Hance FRPS,AFIAP,DPAGB,BPE5* (on ZOOM)

Tips, Tricks and Locations – Roger says “This talk shows how to go about photographing wildlife subjects in the UK. It explains what equipment you will need, how to work from hides, how to set up a feeding station, how to stalk wild birds/animals, as well as showing some of the top locations in the UK where you can go to get great nature shots. In the talk I explain how to get within range of small timid subjects without scaring them, as well as how to avoid many of the pitfalls that many people make. It covers birds, mammals, reptiles, butterflies and insects, wildflowers, fungi and amphibians.” Wow, this should start our New Year with a bang.


10/01/2024      The 2023 Rushden Open (on ZOOM)

We get to see and discuss some superb images from award winners and accepted entries in the Rushden open.

Hand-in Heat 4 of the annual PDI comp. (Any subject)

17/01/2024        Members Image Clinic, with David Kissman, CPAGB, BPE3* (on ZOOM)

This year we’ve invited David Kissman to discuss your images in some detail. Not with the usual idea of marking them, but purely to assist you in improving your pictures and techniques. We’ll need lots of your PDIs (in advance) so as to provide David with a steady source of images upon which to comment. So please take advantage and don’t be shy. (Note - it’s coming up to Midphot entry time.)


24/01/2024      Heat 4 Judge for yourself – PDI of the year (on ZOOM)

Your votes will be used to promote some of our top images at the end of the year. Members fortunate enough to have more than 3 images in the final, will have to choose which 3 they want to keep. (Please make your selections by the 07/02/24)

Hand-in for “Workers"

31/01/2024        4th Set-Subject PDI Comp, "Workers" (on ZOOM)

An internal PDI competition (up to 3 entries per member) judged by ourselves.


07/02/2024         “An Eclectic Mix”, with Ross McKelvey, MFIAP, MPAGB etc (on ZOOM)

Ross McKelvey is president and founder of the Catchlight Camera Club, in Belfast. He has been awarded over 500 Medals (and too many lesser awards to count!) in National & International Exhibitions since 2010. His most successful genre is probably portraiture, but he enjoys everything from landscape to sport, Nature, Still Life and digital composites. This is a night you MUST NOT MISS!

14/02/2024           PDIOTY Final, judged by Dennis Russ, LRPS, CPAGB, AFIAP (on ZOOM) Over the course the last 12 months our PDI heats have identified tonight’s top images. Only a select few have made it through to the final. Tonight we will find out which will be chosen as our “PDI of the Year”.

21/02/2024            “A Deep Dive into Infrared”, with John Shilladay (on ZOOM)

John was slated to give us this talk back in September, but computer problems prevented him from doing so. Hopefully, tonight’s show will go without a hitch. John is a long time member of Hinckley PS and has been interested in Infrared photography for quite some time, even having cameras specially adapted and suchlike. Tonight he will be passing on his experiences and showing us some of his distinctive images.

Hand-in PDI’s for next week’s “Conservation Trophy”


28/02/2024         The Johnson Conservation Trophy, with John Haines (on ZOOM)

LPSC has a strong cohort of natural history photographers and the Johnson Conservation Trophy is their most coveted prize. Our judge tonight has the unenviable task of selecting just one winner from what’s bound to be a strong field.


06/03/2024          Member’s night - short presentations. Tonight is your opportunity to shine by entertaining the rest of us (for say 10 minutes). It could be pics from your latest holiday or just some of your favourite images. We’ve two hours to fill, so don’t be shy - the more the merrier.

13/03/2024          Away battle vs Dunchurch PS

(To Be Confirmed) Early start – 7:00 from car park (7:45 start @ WI Hall, CV21 4PH)

20/03/2024          President’s Evening

Paul has planned a really interesting evening for us tonight, so don’t miss it.


27/03/2023           AGM It’s the appropriate time to make your input into the club’s future direction, plus thanking those members who’ve served the club over the last 12 months and to offer your support for the next 12 months

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