Annual Programme  2021-22 up until March 2022

Zoom links will be sent to members a few days before each Club meeting or Battle.

Final Entry Dates for Competitions - email to 


01/12/21 - 'Hand-in' for "Still Life" Set Subject - see definition 08/12/21 below.

12/01/22 - 'Hand-in' for "PDI 4" 

02/02/22 - 'Hand-in' for "Architectural" Set Subject

09/02/22 - 'Hand-in' for "Conservation " Trophy

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Autumn Programme  2021-2022

24/11/2021      Heat 3 Judge for yourself – PDI of the year - on Zoom

Your votes will be used to promote some of our top images at the end of the year.


Monday, 29th Nov at 8.00 pm (Hosted on Zoom by Nuneaton PS)

“Water Photography”, with Daniel Bridge

Daniel presents an illustrated talk on water in its many varied forms, from the liquid stuff at the seaside and in the rivers, to clouds, rain and rainbows, fog, ice, and more. There are also shots of wildlife associated with water, so something for everyone!


01/12/2021      Nuneaton PS entertain Lutterworth PS (on Zoom)

The Nuneaton members always bring us a great night’s entertainment – don’t miss it.

Hand in for Set Subject 'Still Life'

08/12/2021      3rd Set-Subject PDI Comp, "Still Life" - on Zoom

The application of photography to the still life artistic style, the depiction of inanimate subject matter, typically a small group of objects. (tabletop, product, food, or found object photography etc)

An internal PDI competition (up to 3 entries per member) judged by ourselves.

15/12/2021      MCPF 2021 travelling portfolio – Part 2 on Zoom

The MCPF portfolio competition was free to enter for all clubs in our federation.  Tonight we see some more accepted images from the best photographers in the Midlands.


22/12/2021      No meeting – Merry Christmas


29/12/2021      No meeting – Happy New Year


05/01/2022      Photo Tips Night on Zoom

This evening we will try to share some of our ideas and experiences and hopefully pass on some helpful tips in the process.  If you’ve something in particular you would like advice on, please let us know in advance.  If you’re feeling confidant, think about sharing your screen to demonstrate a useful technique you’ve learned, but bear in mind that we don’t all use the same post-processing software, so general advice will be more useful than something that only works on a given package.


Monday, 10th Jan at 8.00 pm (Hosted on Zoom by Nuneaton PS)

“The Beautiful Light”, with Jane Goodall

Jane modestly says she makes images of landscapes, nature and people.

You should check out her website at


12/01/2022      Member’s night (short presentations) on Zoom

Tonight is your opportunity to shine by sharing your screen and entertaining the rest of us for 10 minutes.  It could be shots from your latest holiday (chance would be a fine thing) or just some of your favourite pics.  We’ve two hours to fill, so don’t be shy - the more the merrier.

Hand-in Heat 4 of the annual PDI comp. (Any subject)


19/01/2022      “The Emotional Landscape”, with Huw Alban on Zoom

Rather than blind the audience with some lengthy psychological theory about the relationship between the author and the landscape, Huw tries to illustrate the concept with examples.


26/01/2022      Heat 4 Judge for yourself – PDI of the year on Zoom

Your votes will be used to promote some of our top images at the end of the year.


02/02/2022      “How to Edit your Photos”, with Colin Winstanley - at 8.00 pm (Hosted on Zoom by Nuneaton PS)

Colin calls himself “The Portrait Guy” and has been taking pictures since the age of 11.  His talk tonight is all about post processing and how to approach the fundamentals of editing which can be applied to any editing software.

Hand-in PDI’s for next week’s “Architectural” comp


Monday, 7th Feb at 8.00 pm (Hosted on Zoom by Nuneaton PS)

“Photographing the Milky Way from the UK”, with Mary McIntyre

“Imaging the Milky Way from the UK can be tricky, but definitely worth the effort” says Mary.  In this talk she covers all aspects of trying to get the best Milky Way shots from the UK using basic camera equipment.


09/02/2022      4th Set-Subject PDI Comp, "Architectural" on Zoom

An internal PDI competition (up to 3 entries per member) judged by ourselves.

Hand-in PDI’s for next week’s “Conservation Trophy”


16/02/2022      Conservation Trophy & PDI of the Year Competitions on Zoom

Our judge tonight has the unenviable task of selecting two trophy winners.  The first will become the club’s “natural history” guru for the next twelve months while the second will take pride in having produced the best PDI of the year.


23/02/2022      “My Photographic Journey”, with Lee Sutton, MPSA, MFIAP on Zoom

Lee is a photographer from the North West of England who has more photographic awards than you can shake a stick at.  His website says he shoots “Weddings, Lifestyle Portraits, Sport, Wildlife, Street, Landscapes or pretty much anything” - it promises to be a very entertaining evening.


02/03/2022      TBA


09/03/2022      The 2021 Rushden Open (PDIs)

Superb images from award winners and accepted entries in the 2021 Rushden open.


16/03/2022      Home battle vs Dunchurch and Hinckley

PDIs (and possibly prints) from each club, with constructive comments from the judge.


23/03/2022      “90 Shades of Graham”, with Graham Walton, DPAGB

Graham Walton DPAGB is a member of Arden Photo Group in Solihull and is also the current President of our Federation, the MCPF.  We know him well for his judging expertise, but tonight we’ll be seeing some of his own pictures.


30/03/2022      AGM

It’s the appropriate time to make your input into the club’s future direction, plus thanking those members who’ve served the club over the last 12 months and to offer your support for the next 12.