Annual Programme  2022-23 up until 28/12/2022

Zoom links will be sent to members a few days before each Club meeting or Battle.

Final Entry Dates for Competitions - please email images to 


13/08/2022  Hand in day for ANNUAL EXHIBITION PDI's

19/08/2022 Hand in PRINTS for:-

George Hunt Trophy

Ray Needham Trophy

Quartet Print Trophy


07/09/2022  Hand in for Set Subject 'Street Scenes'

14/09/2022 Hand in for Heat 2 of the annual PDI competition.(Any Subject)

26/10/2022 Hand in for 'Creative' and 'People' competition.

09/11/2022 Hand in for Heat 3 of the annual PDI competition.(Any Subject)

30/11/2022 Hand in for Set Subject 'Tryptychs'

For the Covid Risk assessment when at the Church Hall click here

The pdf download is here but note the programme may change at short notice. 


Winter/Spring Programme  2022-2023      

04/05/2022      Heat 1 Judge for yourself – PDI of the year

Your votes will be used to promote some of our top images at the end of the year.


11/05/2022      “Choose your favourites” from "Nuneaton member's pics"


Plus a session on Printing and Mounting Prints


18/05/2021      No Meeting


Summer Break

There may be some field trips or social events this summer so please keep checking the website for details.


Sat      13/08/2022      Hand-in for Annual Exhibition PDI’s

Fri       19/08/2022      Annual Exhibition (the Quartet theme – The 4 Seasons)

Sat      20/08/2022      Ditto

Our annual exhibition will run alongside that of the Embroiderers Guild in the Methodist Church.  Together, they will promote the undoubted creative talent within the town. For our part, this requires a big effort, to make the pictures, to put up and take down the displays and also to be on hand to talk to members of the public during the exhibition.  (Unfortunately, our friends at the Lutterworth Arts & Crafts Exhibition will not be joining us this year.)


Monday, 5th Sep at 8.00 pm (Hosted on Zoom by Nuneaton PS)

“A Feeling of Impressionism” with Steven LeProvost, from Guernsey

Steven concentrates on three genres, still life, nautical and character studies.

His goal is to create pictures that portray mood, atmosphere and emotion.

Tonight he will show work from three Fellowship panels, the methods he uses, his approach to being creative, the pictures that worked and those that didn’t work.


07/09/2022      MCPF travelling portfolio (PDIs & commentary)

The MCPF portfolio competition was held way back in June.  It was open to all clubs in our federation.  Tonight it is our turn to see a representative selection of PDI’s from that competition.     

Hand in for "Street Scenes"


14/09/2022      2nd Set-Subject PDI Comp, "Street Scenes"

An internal PDI competition (up to 3 entries per member) judged by ourselves.

Hand-in Heat 2 of the annual PDI comp. (Any subject)


21/09/2022      Cheney & Single Print Competitions

This is the premier print competition night in our calendar.  There are four trophies to be won tonight and although it’s not exactly a lottery, it is true that “you’ve got to be  in it to win it” so, good luck.  To enter the Cheyney Trophy competition you’ll need a set of 6 prints (any two of which must be monochrome). The entries must illustrate 3 topics (of your choice), two prints to each topic.  In addition, there are three single print competitions, one each for Colour, Mono and a recently taken Mono Landscape.


28/09/2022      Heat 2 Judge for yourself – PDI of the year

Your votes will be used to promote some of our top images at the end of the year.


Monday, 3rd Oct at 8.00 pm (Hosted on Zoom by Nuneaton PS)

“Close up and Macro Nature Photography” by Daniel Bridge

Daniel is a full-time professional photography tutor and nature photographer who has run photography workshops since 2003. Tonight’s talk contains over 130 images, with subjects ranging from insects to flowers, abstracts to animals. Covering the different types of close-up and macro shots we can take, the variety of subjects available, lighting, lenses and accessories, techniques, focus stacking, and more.


05/10/2022  Meeting via ZOOM    “Downtrodden Man”, with Russell Linsay FBPE,MPAGB,EFIAP

Rusty considers himself to be a photographic artist rather than a photographic reporter and will photograph anything and everything if he thinks it could make a good image. He likes an added element of humour in his pictures but alongside everything else that he produces, quality is of paramount importance.  His talk tonight covers a variety of subjects mostly national/international Exhibition images.


Fri, 7th Oct     TBC Away Battle vs Mkt Harborough & Fosse @ Fosse

(Check the website nearer the time.)


12/10/2022      Practical Evening (bring your cameras)

Perhaps some “Portraiture” or  some “Still Life set ups”, maybe something to practise our macro techniques on.  (Your suggestions please.)


Fri, 14th Oct   TBC Fosse Challenge @ Fosse

(Check the website nearer the time.)


19/10/2022      A/V night.

If you’ve made an A/V over the last couple of years and would like to share them with us, then tonight’s the night.  Otherwise, we will see a variety of A/V’s from here, there and everywhere.


26/10/2022      PAGB GB Cup

A selection of projected images entered into the PAGB cup from some of the best club photographers in the country.  We should see some cracking images tonight.

Hand-in PDI’s for next week’s “Creative” & “People” comps


02/11/2022      “Creative” & “People” PDI Competitions night

Tonight’s the night to show us how imaginative you can be.  It doesn’t matter how you’ve created them, you can enter up to three PDIs which distort reality, which perhaps convey an abstract idea, which is experimental, or even surreal.

The annual “People” competition is also scheduled for tonight, entry to which is also limited to three PDIs per member, (but not studio shots).


09/11/2022 Meeting via ZOOM     “Architecture: Exposure to Edit”, with Richard O'Brien

Richard is an IT instructor in his 'day job', and an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop.  In this lecture he talks about the kind of images he takes and what he looks for when shooting both internal and external architecture.  Starting with gear and why he uses it, he then covers some very simple tricks he uses to 'get the shot'.  In the second half, he does a live demonstration (all questions welcome) editing some of the images using a combination of Lightroom Classic and Photoshop CC.

Hand-in Heat 3 of the annual PDI comp. (Any subject)


Monday, 14th Nov - Lutterworth entertain Nuneaton PS @ Nuneaton

It’s time for Lutterworth members to provide some entertainment for Nuneaton PS, in return for the cracking good night they gave us last year.  (Volunteers please.)

If it’s a “face to face” meeting, then it will be an Early start – 7:15 from car park (Check the website nearer the time.)


16/11/2022      Cedars Challenge @ Earl Shilton  – Judged by Graham Walton

A print competition that we have yet to win, so we’ll need our best prints tonight,

Another Early start – 6:45 from car park (Check the website nearer the time.)


23/11/2022      Heat 3 Judge for yourself – PDI of the year

Your votes will be used to promote some of our top images at the end of the year.


30/11/2022      Home Battle vs Nuneaton PS

Ten prints and ten PDIs from each club, plus constructive comments from the judge.

Hand-in for “Triptychs"


Monday, 5th Dec at 8.00 pm (Hosted on Zoom by Nuneaton PS)

“Photographing Raptors in flight in the Kalahari” by Ernest Porter

Ernest (from South Africa) will discuss in detail how he goes about action photography of Raptors in the Kalahari.


07/12/2022      3rd Set-Subject PDI Comp, "Triptychs"

An internal PDI competition (up to 3 entries per member) judged by ourselves.


14/12/2022      TBA (Maybe a long delayed Xmas social?)


21/12/2022      No meeting – Merry Christmas


28/12/2022      No meeting – Happy New Year