Annual Programme  2021 - 2022 up until Christmas

We will continue to hold competitions online until further notice.

Zoom links will be sent to members a few days before each Club meeting or Battle.


Autumn Programme  2020-2021 - on Zoom

Monday 10 May 2021  at 7pm Hosted by Nuneaton PS

 Ireland and its Landscapes 
Talk by Bernard Geraghty.

12/05/2021        "From Very Near to Not Quite So Far", with Roy Carr, AWPF

Roy’s talk is very personal to him as you will see on the night, and for that reason is special too.  The talk takes you from his back garden out into the streets of his home village, Bedlinog, down the Valley and into the magical Pits Wood. Along the way there are a few brief excursions into the Vale of Glamorgan, the Brecon Beacons and the beautiful waterfall country of the Neath Valley, offering some insights into the healing power of nature.


19/05/2021      No Meeting


Summer Break

Summer Challenge, “Bright & Bold”.

Just to keep your spirits up till we start back in September, you can enter our Summer Challenge competition on the theme “Bright & Bold”.  Members can send Peter Sands up to 3 PDI’s (anytime before the end of July) for us all to see on our website.  We will then get an external judge to select the winner on a Wednesday in early August, (probably the 4th) via Zoom.


Monday, 6th Sep at 8.00 pm (Hosted on Zoom by Nuneaton PS)

Street Photography “A Personal Journey” with Joe Houghton

Joe has delivered this talk to over 50 clubs around the world now, discussing his journey into Street Photography and a 2 year project (which resulted in a successful book) entitled "Streets of Dublin".


08/09/2021      “Looking Local”, with Chris Shepherd (on Zoom)

As Chris says on his website, “photographers often suffer from “Location Myopia”, constantly wishing they were in some exotic location with the best possible equipment”.  In this talk, Chris details his fight with Locational Myopia, and ways to overcome it, as well as his personal journey to become a landscape photographer.

(Images from Roding Valley meadows, Epping Forest and the Essex coastline.)

Note - Chris is Location Editor and Moderator of the popular ePHOTOzine website.

Hand-in for George Hunt & Quartet Trophy images.


15/09/2021      The George Hunt & Quartet competitions.

Members may enter up to four PDIs (any subject) into the George Hunt Trophy comp.

A Quartet competition entry requires a set of four PDIs on this year’s theme “Waterscape”.  An external judge will decide the winners.

Hand-in Heat 2 of the annual PDI comp. (Any subject)

IMPORTANT NOTE - This might be our first “face to face” meeting back at the Methodist Church Hall.  (Check the website nearer the time.)


22/09/2021      2nd Set-Subject PDI Comp, "Long Exposure"

An internal PDI competition (up to 3 entries per member) judged by ourselves.


29/09/2021      Heat 2 Judge for yourself – PDI of the year

Your votes will be used to promote some of our top images at the end of the year.


06/10/2021      Home Battle vs Mkt Harborough & Fosse

(May have to be on Zoom - Check the website nearer the time.)


Monday, 11th Oct at 8.00 pm (Hosted on Zoom by Nuneaton PS)

“How to Cheat at Photography”, with Steve Galvin, LRPS

This provocatively entitled talk allows Steven to confess his sordid kiss ‘n’ tell secrets.  He demonstrates various techniques on how to unfairly manipulate images by displaying and discussing examples to show how his more outrageous images were “manufactured”.


13/10/2021      “Member’s Image Clinic” with Graham Walton (on Zoom)

This is a brand new type of evening for us.  We’ve invited a very experienced judge, Graham Walton, DPAGB (a Member of Arden Photo Group and an MCPF council member) to discuss your images in some detail.  Not with the usual idea of marking them, but purely to assist you in improving your pictures and techniques.  We’ll need lots of your PDIs (in advance) so as to provide Graham with a steady source of images upon which to comment.  So please take advantage and don’t be shy.


20/10/2021      Amusing Picture Night

What is it, Where is it, Who is it, When was it, even “Guess the Title” (of the book/film/song), etc?  See if you can raise a smile.  As many pictures as you like.


27/10/2021      MCPF 2021 travelling portfolio

The MCPF portfolio competition was free to enter for all clubs in our federation.  Tonight it is our turn to see a representative selection of work from the best photographers in the Midlands.

Hand-in PDI’s for next week’s “Creative” & “People” comps


03/11/2021      “Creative” & “People” PDI Competitions night

Tonight’s the night to show us how imaginative you can be.  It doesn’t matter how you’ve created them, you can enter up to three PDIs which distort reality, which perhaps convey an abstract idea, which is experimental, or even surreal.

The annual “People” competition is also scheduled for tonight, entry to which is also limited to three PDIs per member, (but not studio shots).


10/11/2021      Cedars Challenge - hosted by Earl Shilton PS

Last year was a PDI only competition between three participating clubs, Hinckley, Earl Shilton and ourselves.  Check our website nearer the time to find out how (and where) this year’s competition will be run.

Hand-in Heat 3 of the annual PDI comp. (Any subject)


Monday, 15th Nov at 8.00 pm (Hosted on Zoom by Nuneaton PS)

Battle vs Nuneaton PS (PDIs)


17/11/2021      “Reality is Overrated”, with Catherine Knee, LRPS

Catherine is an MCPF judge who lives in Lutterworth.  She’s kindly judged some of our competitions in the past and tonight we will see some of her work.  It promises to be an excellent evening.


24/11/2021      Heat 3 Judge for yourself – PDI of the year

Your votes will be used to promote some of our top images at the end of the year.


Monday, 29th Nov at 8.00 pm (Hosted on Zoom by Nuneaton PS)

“Water Photography”, with Daniel Bridge

Daniel presents an illustrated talk on water in its many varied forms, from the liquid stuff at the seaside and in the rivers, to clouds, rain and rainbows, fog, ice, and more. There are also shots of wildlife associated with water, so something for everyone!


01/12/2021      Nuneaton PS entertain Lutterworth PS (on Zoom)

The Nuneaton members always bring us a great night’s entertainment – don’t miss it.


08/12/2021      3rd Set-Subject PDI Comp, "Still Life"

An internal PDI competition (up to 3 entries per member) judged by ourselves.


15/12/2021      TBA


22/12/2021      No meeting – Merry Christmas


29/12/2021      No meeting – Happy New Year