Annual Programme  2020 - 2021

Final entry dates for internal competitions.

13-01-2021 - Email entries for Heat 4 - PDI of the Year

27-01-2021 - Email entries for the Set Subject - Rural Decay.

03-02-2021 - Email entries for Conservation Trophy - 4 PDIs 



We will continue to hold competitions online until further notice.

Zoom links will be sent to members a few days before each Club meeting or Battle.


Autumn Programme  2020 - on Zoom

23/12/2020      No meeting – Merry Christmas


30/12/2020      No meeting – Happy New Year


06/01/2021      An Extraordinary General Meeting (“virtually” 9 months late)

We couldn’t hold our usual AGM last March due to Covid, so the start of a new year seems like a good time to take stock and re-organise ourselves.  We also need to renew our club membership, but what should the new subscription be?  In anticipation of a vaccine by early summer, when should we aim to restart face-to-face meetings? What “set-subject” themes should we choose for next season.  Should we plan for an Exhibition in August?  etc, etc.


13/01/2021      Photoshop Tips

If you can share your screen, then maybe you can demonstrate some tips that you’d like to share with the rest of us - using your own computer.  Alternatively, you could ask for constructive suggestions on a particular topic that you’re finding troublesome and maybe show us an example of the problem.

Final entry date to email your entries for Heat 4 of the annual PDI comp. (Any subject)

Monday, 18th January at 8.00 pm – Hosted by Nuneaton PS

“The Art of Composite Photography”, with Sharon and Robert Prenton Jones.

Between them, Sharon and Robert have more photographic distinctions than you can shake a stick at.  Tonight, they will be demonstrating their winning ways with composite images.  This promises to be an inspiring talk that you really shouldn’t miss.

20/01/2021      “Me and Mr Grumpy” with Louise Walton, CPAGB

Mr.Grumpy is Louise’s partner, Gary Langley, DPAGB and tonight we will see a few pictures they have taken together over the years, with some “light hearted” comments along the way.


27/01/2021      Heat 4 Judge for yourself – PDI of the year

Your votes will be used to promote some of our top images at the end of the year.

Final entry date to email your entries for next weeks Set Subject - Rural Decay

Monday, 1st February at 8.00 pm – Hosted by Nuneaton PS

“Each to his Own Way, I'll Go Mine”, a talk on Street Photography by Ian Boulton, LRPS

03/02/2021      3rd Set-Subject PDI competition – “Rural Decay”

An internal PDI competition (up to 3 entries per member) judged by ourselves. 

Final entry date to email your entries for the Conservation Trophy - 4 PDIs            the Rules are here

10/02/2021      Conservation Trophy & PDI of the Year Competitions

Our judge David Gibbins ARPS APAGB EFIAP/b BPE5* CPAGB/AV has the unenviable task of selecting two trophy winners.  The first will become the club’s “natural history” guru for the next twelve months while the second will take pride in having produced the best 'PDI of the Year' for the Projected Image Trophy.


17/02/2021      “Pics Wot I Like”, with Dave Tucker, EFIAP/g, DPAGB

A selection of Dave and Angie Tucker’s images - ranging from FIAP gold medal awarded images all the way to pictures that are simply 'Wot i Like'.  The selection includes a varied range of images.


24/02/2021      2020 PAGB GB Cup – Open & Nature PDIs

Members’ “round robin” critiques of the images we missed seeing last October.

(This would have been the Annual Print competitions night)


03/03/2021      “Reality is Overrated”, with Catherine Knee, LRPS

Catherine is an MCPF judge who lives in Lutterworth.  She’s kindly judged some of our competitions over the last few months and tonight it’s our turn to see some of her work.  Here’s a link to her excellent website -


10/03/2021      100 Strangers, with Steve Myall, EFIAP

Steve has completed a project he set himself to photograph 100 people whom he had never met before, not covertly, but with their full permission.  He will pass on tips on how to approach complete strangers and what camera techniques to employ.


17/03/2021      Away battle vs Dunchurch PS & Hinckley PS @ Dunchurch

Dunchurch will be hosting this “Zoom” battle with PDIs from each club and constructive comments from the judge.


24/03/2021      President’s Evening

"Seeing is Believing" with Warren Alani, ARPS, DPAGB, AFIAP, ABPE

The presentation will focus mainly on a particular field of Warren's monochrome photography that he has started to explore “not for the purposes of exhibitions or competitions, but for my own passion and intrigue”.  It depicts a style of photography not typically seen in camera clubs.  It promises to be a great night - don't miss it.

Monday, 29th March at 8.00 pm – Hosted by Nuneaton PS

“Sandwell to India”, a Wildlife talk by Tai Chohan.

Tai will start at his local Sandwell Valley reserve, before venturing further afield in the UK. The second part of the evening will then focus on Tai’s trips to India to photograph tigers.


Monday, 12th April at 8.00 pm – Hosted by Nuneaton PS

“The Art of Metamorphosis”, a talk by Andrea Hargreaves, MPAGB, EFIAP/b, BPE3*

Andrea’s artistic images are quite brilliant and quite unforgettable.  Tonight she will take us on a step by step approach covering the workflow, the technical details and the manipulations she uses, plus revealing the creative vision (inspired by myths and legends) that she applies at every stage.

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