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07/02/2024  “An Eclectic Mix”, with Ross McKelvey, MFIAP, MPAGB etc 

Ross McKelvey is president and founder of the Catchlight Camera Club, in Belfast. He has been awarded over 500 Medals (and too many lesser awards to count!) in National & International Exhibitions since 2010. His most successful genre is probably portraiture, but he enjoys everything from landscape to sport, Nature, Still Life and digital composites.



03/01/2024      Nature Photography in the UK, with Roger Hance FRPS,AFIAP,DPAGB,BPE5

Tips, Tricks and Locations – Roger says “This talk shows how to go about photographing wildlife subjects in the UK. It explains what equipment you will need, how to work from hides, how to set up a feeding station, how to stalk wild birds/animals, as well as showing some of the top locations in the UK where you can go to get great nature shots. In the talk I explain how to get within range of small timid subjects without scaring them, as well as how to avoid many of the pitfalls that many people make. It covers birds, mammals, reptiles, butterflies and insects, wildflowers, fungi and amphibians.

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29/11/2023      “Lets Get Creative”, Adrian Lines MPAGB,FBPE, etc 

 ‘Let’s Get Creative’ explores a range of Adrian’s newer images, many created during lockdown using toys and making self portraits.  The talk shows the transitions from the starting image to the finished work.

25/10/2023      “Bella Italia” (Tuscany & the Dolomites), Julian Elliot 

Julian is an award-winning professional freelance landscape and travel photographer as well as an occasional writer based both in the Loire Valley, France and also in Wiltshire, England.  Italy is, of course, beautiful all over but for landscape photographers, certain areas shine such as the Dolomites and Tuscany. This talk will show you how Julian has photographed these two stunning areas of Italy as well as what goes into the planning of his images.

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10/05/2023      “Scotland Behind the Lens”, Stephen Ball, LRPS 

Landscape photography is Stephen’s passion and he is very fortunate to live in a country which offers fantastic views to photograph, from the city of Edinburgh all the way up to the Scottish Highlands and islands. Stephen has material included in the nationwide exhibition of “UK landscape photographer of the year” awards.


30/11/2022 “A Feeling of Impressionism” with Steven LeProvost, FRPS, MPAGB. AFIAP, FIPF, on Zoom from Guernsey. Steven uses photography to create art. He concentrates on three genres, still life, nautical and character studies. His goal is to create pictures that portray mood, atmosphere and emotion. Tonight he will show work from three Fellowship panels, the methods he uses, his approach to being creative, the pictures that worked and those that didn’t work. Questions are welcome.


05/10/2022 “Downtrodden Man”, Russell Lindsay FBPE, MPAGB, EFIAP Zoom

Rusty considers himself to be a photographic artist rather than a photographic reporter and will photograph anything and everything if he thinks it could make a good image. He likes an added element of humour in his pictures but alongside everything else that he produces, quality is of paramount importance.


18-01-2021 Hosted by Nuneaton PS

“The Art of Composite Photography”, with Sharon and Robert Prenton Jones.


16-12-2020 Malcolm Hupman - “Where I Photograph Wildlife in the UK”

Malcolm (program sec of Corby PS and member of Corby Wildlife) is a top notch photographer who shared his expertise, knowledge and experience in photographing local wildlife. Not only how to photograph mammals, birds and insects, but where to find them.


17-10-2019  Malcolm Cook ( website )

our judge for the Cheney and the single print competitions and guest speaker.

For Malcolm's tips on photoshop this is the link -


03-04-2019 & 22-01-20 John Whitby, MFIAP, MPAGB

09/01/2019     “An Evening with Frank McGowan”​

02/05/2018 "An A/V Experience" with Graham Neville 

10/10/2018      Gianpiero Ferrari, FRPS, DPAGB

Gianpiero is one of the very best natural history photographers and it’s a privilege for us to have him at Lutterworth.

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