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It is a long standing tradition for local photographic clubs to compete with each other, and these meetings are known as Battles. In-house and away day events, including the long distance 'Tripod' battle test our best prints and PDI's against the opposition.

With the reputation of the club at stake the competition is hard fought hence the term Battle but in reality whether they are home or away events there is usually plenty of friendly banter as the battle progresses, with the losers always out for revenge the following year!

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Photoshop Tutor Sessions

In house expertise is available to members at meetings and on some evenings a particular aspect of editing digital files is tackled. Typically these centre on the use of photo editing software giving the members an opportunity to pass on their knowledge, working methods etc. to fellow members. Also helpful are the PDI heats where images are analysed and the author tries to explain their thinking. Here members suggestions might help and inspire.

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We have speakers who can be humorous, out-spoken, and talented, sometimes all three.

These are usually informative and cover a wide range of topics based around the visiting speakers particular type of photography. These meetings can be controversial and usually throw up a number of thought provoking ideas or suggestions which may help improve your photography.

Audiovisual Conference

In House Competitions

These are the main driving force to improve the creativity and quality required to do well at Area competition level.
Different types of photography subjects are put forward to challenge and help improve your skills.

Through the season we run a number of internal competitions. These are usually based on PDI’s, either with a set subject or where the subject is free. The heats of 'PDI of the Year' provide an opportunity to discuss your images with fellow members. Should you be successful at this stage and your images are selected for the final you then get the opportunity to have your pictures commented on by an external judge and who knows you may even come away with a trophy to proudly display at home for the next 12 months.

 There are also a number of one off competitions which have rules specific to that competition. An external judge is always used to comment on the images and select the winner who has the honour of receiving the trophy on the night!

Women Voting


This provides the public with a view of what we can produce. Prints and PDI's are assessed by the public, and expert judges, to arrive at the winners for various trophies. This takes place in August and is the highlight of the year. The exhibition allows family and friends to see your work and that of other members of the club. You may even be lucky enough to have one of your images selected as ‘Best in Show’ by the public!

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The LPS came about in 1972. Jerry Gerderski from New Parks in Leicester ran a night-school in photography at the Lutterworth Grammar School. Initially the main core of the class were "old/ish" ex-photo society members from clubs before they came to Lutterworth. Jerry realising they were fairly knowledgeable suggested they form their own club, hence LPS.  Local authority cost cutting measures soon put paid to the evening classes, so the only facilities available to those interested in photography in the Lutterworth area was the LPS, (now LPSC).  Founder members were Hector Marchant (President) Albert Whatley (Secretary), Ted Morgan, Geoff Day and our old friend Bill Stott. Meetings were held in class-rooms, designated by the Grammar School, for many of the earlier years, until our move to the present venue. One advantage in the earlier years when the club met at the Grammar School were facilities of a darkroom, adjoining the Art Department.

WBC - written before Covid... may need updating.

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