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After  an evening giving tips on printing

See the John Haddon notes here:- Link to tutorial

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16-03-2022 Battle – Lutterworth (Host) v Dunchurch on Zoom

Judge John Haines

Dunchurch WIN 341 v 337

Scores  out of a possible 20

Greenfinch                                             Jill Frankham        20

Hello World                                              Paul Wiles          20

Male Common Blue on Dry Grass          John Haddon      19

Profiling                                                   John Haddon      19

Great Spotted Woodpecker                     Jill Frankham      18

Roosting Orange tip                                Rawdon Bottom  18

Parasol Mushroom                                  Dave Hunter       18

Scalloped Oak Cracker                           Paul Nicholas      17

Muscovites Underground                        Peter Sands        17

In the Candle Light                                  Ken Brendon       17

Grey Wagtail                                            Ken Brendon       17

Bear Hug                                                  Paul Wiles           16

Ready for Winter                                      Andy Gordon       16

Sparrow Hawk                                          Dave Hunter        16

Limelight                                                   Catherine Knee   16

Check-in at the Purple Palace                 Rawdon Bottom   15

Glass Fairy                                              Catherine Knee    15

Grassy Sunrise                                        Louise Beech       15

Going Up                                                  Martin Allen         14

Time Tunnel                                             Peter Sands         14



17-03-2021 Battle – Dunchurch (host) v. Hinckley v. Lutterworth




Scores out of a possible 20

Anthony                                                  M. Allen       16

Cliveden                                                 A.Shean      15
Constrained Force                                 M.Vernon     15

Contrasts                                               S.Williams    15

Hornet Portrait                                       P.Wiles         15

Male Bearded Tit                                   L.Beech        19

Determination                                       J.Frankham   17
Resting Female Chalkhill Blue             J.Haddon       20
Still Looking for Love                           R.Bottom        20
Swan Reflections                                 A.Gordon       17
Winter Sunrise                                     P.Sands         14
Winters Day                                         T.Haddon       17


TOTALS   Lutterworth  200 pts   Dunchurch 193    Hinckley 177

See the recorded Battle on YouTube here:-


17-3-2021  PAGB Competitions

The GB Cup for Nature 34th out of 104 entries

The GB Cup - Open      112th out of 120 entries


We recently submitted 15 images into The GB Cup for Nature 2021 

This Selection was judged on the 16-03-2021.

Please find our results below :-

Alan Shean      Golden Hooded Tanager    6    
Andy Gordon    Swan Reflections    6    
David Hunter    Juvenile Goldcrest    9    
Jill Frankham    Emperor Dragonfly    12    
Jill Frankham    Bee on Allium    8    
John Haddon    Mating Common Blues II    13    
John Haddon    Small Heath on Grass Stem    12    
John Haddon    Male Orange Tip on Cow Parsley    13    
John Haddon    Resting Female Chalkhill Blue    13    
Ken Brendon     Fox on the Embankment    9    
Paul Nicholas    Female Ghost Moth    10    
Paul Wiles         Kingfisher    12    
Paul Wiles         Peregrine in Rain    12    
Rawdon Bottom    Deer in the Mist    9    
Rawdon Bottom    Watching and Waiting    9


We recently submitted 21 images into The GB Cup 2021 Open Competition.

This Selection was judged on the 13-03-2021.

Please find our results below :-

Andy Gordon    Francheska    9    
David Hunter    Seascape    8    
Jill Frankham    Spotting the Landing    10    
John Haddon    Tearful    10    
John Haddon    Fading Beauty    9    
John Haddon    Entralled    9    
John Haddon    Soooo Good    10    
Ken Brendon    The Blue Bottle    10    
Louise Beech    Naive Mirage    9    
Martin Allen       Having Fun    9    
Martin Allen       Anthony    7    
Mike Vernon      Constrained Force    10    
Mike Vernon      Check in for a Drink    10    
Paul Wiles         Dont Take Your Eye Off the Ball    9    
Paul Wiles         End of the Day    9    
Peter Sands      Surreal or What    9    
Peter Sands      Winter Sunrise    9    
Rawdon Bottom    Still looking for love    6    
Rawdon Bottom    Dirt Rider    10    
Rawdon Bottom    Determination    10    
Sean Williams      Contrasts    9




Midphot 2021 members results.

JohnHaddon -

Nature Projected (acceptance mark 12)                    

"Feeding Brimstone"  scored 10

"Female Wood White"  scored 11

"Green Hairstreak on Hawthorn Leaf"  scored 9

"Male Adonis Blue"  scored 12 and was accepted

"Male Common Blue Butterfly"  scored 12 and was accepted

"Male Orange-Tip on Cow Parsley II"  scored 12 and was accepted

"Orange-Tip Camouflage"  scored 9

"Paired Common Blues"  scored 12 and was accepted

Paul Wiles -
Nature Projected (acceptance mark 12)                    Open Colour (acceptance mark 12)                    

"Liver Way"  scored 11

"Autumn Walk"  scored 10


Nature Projected (acceptance mark 12)                    

"Hornet Portrait"  scored 12 and was accepted

"Early Bumblebee"  scored 9

"Kingfisher & Dragonfly"  scored 12 and was accepted

"Ghost Mantis"  scored 9

Dave Hunter -

Open Colour (acceptance mark 12)                    

"Autumn Leaves"  scored 9

"Crocus"  scored 9

"Lily & Dew"  scored 9

"Pasque Flower"  scored 9

"Night Ride"  scored 9


Scapes (acceptance mark 12)                    

"Across to Hoy"  scored 11

"Cuckmere Haven"  scored 9

"Sandscape"  scored 11


Nature Projected (acceptance mark 12)                    

"Juvenile Goldcrest"  scored 12 and was accepted

Midphot 2020 members results.

Congratulations to John and Paul, flying the LPSC flag.


See  for exhibition details.

John Haddon's entries - Nature

"Roosting Male Orange Tip " was Highly Commended

Projected Image Nature (acceptance mark 12)

"Female Adonis Blue" scored 11
"Female Chalkhill Blue on Scabious" scored 12 and was accepted
"Female Common Blue at Rest" scored 12 and was accepted

"Female Silver Studded Blue" scored 11
"Green Hairstreak on Gorse Buds" scored 13 and was accepted
"Nectaring Small Blue" scored 12 and was accepted
"Resting Male Chalkhill Blue" scored 12 and was accepted
"Roosting Male Orange Tip" scored 13 and was accepted

Paul Wiles entries

Projected Image Open (acceptance mark 12)

"Blue Hour" scored 11
"Horsey Wind Pump" scored 12 and was accepted
"Kilchurn Castle" scored 10
"Lochawe" scored 9
"Playing with Fire" scored 10

Projected Image Nature (acceptance mark 12)

"Puffin with Sand Eels Portrait" scored 9
"Barn Owl with Mouse" scored 11
"Bumblebee on Lavender" scored 11
"Chin Up" scored 9
"Grebe Shaking" scored 11
"Grebe Turf War" scored 9
"Peregrine in Rain" scored 10
"Resting Puffin with Sand Eels" scored 11


The GB Cup for Small Clubs 2020 Open Entries

Congratulations to Rawdon for his acceptance to the PAGB slideshow.

Brassed Off – John Haddon - 10

Chihuly Glass – Alan Shean - 9

Confluence – Michael Vernon - 9

Counting Shadows – Paul Nicholas - 9

Escalating View – Louise Beech - 10

Kilchurn Castle – Paul Wiles - 11

Lichen View – David Hunter - 9

Posts – David Johnson - 9

Spattered – Sean Williams - 10

The Eyes Have It – Rawdon Bottom - 12 Accepted


The GB Cup for Nature 2020 Entries

Barn Owl with Mouse – Paul Wiles - 9

Black Crowned Night Heron – Peter Sands - 10

Brimstone at Parsley Hay – David Hunter - 10

Brownsea Red - Paul Wiles - 9

Bumblebee – Paul Wiles - 9

Male Chalkhill Blue – John Haddon - 12

Fallow Deer – Jill Frankham - 9

Four Spotted Chaser – Ken Brendon - 9

Fox Cub – Martin Allen - 9

Green Hairstreak on Gorse Buds - John Haddon - 11

Head to Head – Jill Frankham - 10

Hunting Kestrel – Louise Beech - 10

Looking for Love – Rawdon Bottom - 11

Male Bearded Tit – Louise Beech - 10

Merlin Falcon – Jill Frankham - 12

Portrait of a Red Fox – Ken Brendon - 9

Touching Base – Louise Beech - 9 


PDF of Club positions  - 35th in Small Clubs and 73rd in Nature.





6/7-05-17 Co-op Art Exhibition puts Lutterworth in the Picture

LPSC members, Alan Shean, Louise Beech, and Michael Vernon, looking after the stand.

Photos by John Haddon

The Lutterworth Photographic Society Co-op, Cotesbach Co-op Art Group, and Lutterworth Watercolour Artists Co-op, held a highly successful exhibition in Lutterworth Town Hall. The three groups, all sponsored by Central England Co-op, put on the display over the weekend 6th/7th May. The LPSC organised by Club Secretary John Haddon, displayed a selection of 70 prints on the first floor, and ran a 'slide' show of a 100 images of members pictures, prepared by John, on the ground floor. The show attracted over 200 visitors on the Saturday, and nearly a 100 on the Sunday.

Many thanks to all those members who contributed to making the Co-op's three local art group’s exhibition such a success. A great show and proceeds from the refreshments and donations, over £450, go to the two charities supported by Central England Co-op, Newlife and Rainbows.

Links -

The Cotesbach Art group meet in the Village hall, Main Street, Cotesbach, LE17 4HX, on Thursday evenings 7.00-9.00pm. Contact Peter Carter 01455 552886

The Lutterworth Watercolour Artists Co-operative meets in Lutterworth Town Hall on Tuesdays 10.00 to 12.30pm