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Gallery by Peter Beckett

An interest in photography runs though the family on my father’s side. My grandfather was awarded an ARPS in the 1940’s for work in colour photography, it bypassed my father and surfaced in me after I left University in the mid 70’s. At the time I followed motorsport which dovetailed well with my photography. In 1980 I became an active member of Sale Photographic Society which enabled me to broaden my horizons although photographing motorsport remains my first love. In the mid 80’s a move south and family ties meant picture taking apart from the family became a no, no!


By the early 2000’s the opportunity to return to serious photography occurred. However, 35mm, 2.1/4" square and darkrooms (another passion) were a thing of the past. DSLR’s, megapixel RAW; Jpegs, and Photoshop had become the new buzz words. I have been a member of Lutterworth PS Co-Op for over 10 years, initially joining to understand what this new technology was all about. While not as active as previously, I enjoy the camaraderie of the club and being relatively small you quickly get to know everybody There is also plenty of time to analyse other photographic images, providing tips that can be used in your own work!

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