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Gallery - Catherine Knee

I am a Zimbabwean Photographic Artist. I have been taking photographs since 2013, thanks to training and guidance from my fiancé, but I don’t call myself a photographer. I call myself a photographic artist because that gives me license to do what I will with my images, without the naysayers questioning if it is photography at all. I currently mostly produce 3 styles of images that I really enjoy. These are Fine Art Nude, Portraiture, and Fantasy Photographic Illustration. That doesn’t mean I don’t photograph other things as well. For me, taking photographs has never been about reality. I don’t shoot street-style or candid images. I want my images to be what I want from them, not what a candid moment will give to me. I love to photograph close up and you will see that trend in a great deal of my work. If I am not close enough to my subject, there is a high chance that I will crop my image to get closer in. I prefer to process heavily, beyond the point of realism. I love my hobby!

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