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04-05-2022 PDIOTY Heat 1

Nuneaton Results Highlighted and go through to the final

Fancy a Shower - Peter Sands

In the Curve - Dave Hunter

Kuramathi jetty - Andy Gordon

Orange Tip on Garlic Mustard - Rawdon Bottom

Peek-a-Boo - Paul Nicholas

Seven Sanderlings - Paul Wiles


Our own scores :-

Horsey Seal 10 Paul Wiles

Kuramathi jetty 8 Andy Gordon

In the Curve 7 Dave Hunter

Misty Mallard 7 Paul Wiles

All Eyes on the Ball 6 Rawdon Bottom

The Tower Block 6 Ken Brendon

Thrupenny Bit 5 Paul Nicholas

Low Pass 4 Paul Nicholas

Timeline 4 John Haddon

Seven Sanderlings 4 Paul Wiles

So Serious 3 Rawdon Bottom