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Results of Club competitions.

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19-08-2023 Annual Exhibition

President’s Trophy WinnerEarl Shilton


Ray Needham Trophy

1st - Whitethroat by Alan Rich

2nd – First Love                                         Catherine Knee

3rd – Sorrowful Reminiscence                   Catherine Knee

H/C – Resting Small Skipper                     John Haddon

H/C – Grey Heron                                      Alan Rich

H/C - Maroes Sands                                  Jayne Hutchings

C    - WSR Somerset                                 Dave Hunter

C    - Reflections                                        Rawdon Bottom

C    - Fancy a Shower ?                             Peter Sands


George Hunt Trophy

1st  - Wildebeest Approach Waterhole  Martin Robinson

2nd - Abandoned  Martin Hutchings

3rd  - Glistening Ink Caps John Haddon

Highly Commended

Need a wash mum                                              J Hutchings

Cobbolds Point                                                    J Hutchings

Liverpool Library                                                 M Hutchings

The Race is on                                                      M Hutchings

Family Fun                                                              P Wiles

Orange Tip on Cuckoo Flower                         J Haddon

The Singer                                                              R Bottom



In the Alley                                                    C Knee

On the Pedestal                                                   C Knee

Ice Blue                                                                  C Knee 

Kawasaki 195                                                R Bottom

Mir Girl                                                                    M Robinson

Chain Bridge Budapest                                    M Robinson

Casey - North of Paradise                                P Wiles

No. 109                                                                   P Wiles

Storm down the Lake                                       A Rich

Blue Dawn                                                            M Hutchings

Empty Offices                                                       J Haddon

Droplets                                                                 J Haddon

Mystical Irish Sea                                                P Sands





Quartet Trophy Winner "Flowers" - John Haddon

The public vote:-

Colour Print

Joint First all on 7 points :-

Barn Owl returning to Nest - Alan Rich
Reflections - Rawdon Bottom
Mandarin Duck - Dave Hunter 

Harvest Mouse Harvesting - Peter Sands

Mono Print

Sorrowful Reminiscences - Catherine Knee 12




04 May  2023

2023 PDIOTY Heat 1

6 Selections by Hazel Manning  go through to the final

Kingfisher with Catch Jayne Hutchings

Night Train                  Alan Rich

Orange Tip                 Ken Brendon

Poppies in the Park    Rawdon Bottom

Skylark                        Alan Rich

Tattoo Molly                 Paul Wiles

Our own scoring on the night

Kingfisher with Catch                   Jayne Hutchings               13

Poppies in the Park                      Rawdon Bottom                11

Watching                                       Rawdon Bottom                 9

Night Train                                     Alan Rich                           8

Jaguar on Pantanal Riverbank     Martin Robinson                 7

Skylark                                           Alan Rich                           7

Guardians of the Gate                   Jayne Hutchings                6

Playtime                                         Martin Robinson                6

Sunset on Luskyntire                     Alan Rich                           5

Vic Church and Cemetery             Martin  Robinson                5

Kingfisher at the end of the day    Louise Beech                     4

Well Caught                                   Martin Hutchings               4

Pilgrim                                            Jayne Hutchings               4



12 April 2023

Set Subject 'Architectural Decay' Results

The Massage Parlour                        10       Jayne Hutchings

Make Over Required                           9       Jayne Hutchings

The Humble Dwelling                          9       Andy Gordon

Abbey                                                   9       Paul Wiles

Hasting Place in Kirby Muxloe           8       Peter Sands

Pulpit                                                    8       Paul Wiles

The Derelict Wind Pump.                    7       Ken Brendon

Wenlock Priory                                    6       Alan Rich

The Old Fort Ruin.                               5      Ken Brendon

Zagan station                                       3      Martin Robinson



04 March 2023

Results of :- 




22 February 2023

The PDIOTY 2023 Trophy 

WINNER                             Common Blue on grass                   T Haddon

SECOND                            Shine on Me                                       Dave Hunter                

THIRD                                Kingfisher with catch                        Liz Peat

HIGHLY COMMENDED     Kayak 6                                               Paul Wiles

HIGHLY COMMENDED     Urban Warfare                                    Rawdon Bottom

COMMENDED                      Wildebeest approach waterhole      Martin Robinson

COMMENDED                      Jaws                                                             Martin Hutchings                                  _____________________________________________________________

15 February 2023

The Johnson Conservation Trophy 

WINNER                          M ROBINSON

SECOND                         A RICH

THIRD                             J HADDON





01 February 2023

Set Subject 'Engineering' Results

Powertrain 8, John Haddon

Ironworks 6, Jayne Hutchings

Apollo 14 (Kitty Hawk) 5, Peter Sands

La 2CV 5, Dave Hunter

Boilermen 4, John Haddon

Under the cap 4, Andy Gordon

On Shed 3, Alan Rich

Through Train 3, Alan Rich

Train Piston 3, Martin Allen

Magpie Mine 3, Jayne Hutchings

Industrial Revolution 3, Louise Beech

Moggie 2, Paul Wiles

Forth Rail Bridge 2, Martin Robinson

Handmade by Harrison 2, John Haddon

Custom 1, Paul Wiles 


26-01-2023 PDIOTY Heat 4

6 Selections by Hazel Manning  go through to the final

Curly Q Teasel – Dave Hunter

Common Blue on Grass – Trudy Haddon

Hung out to Dry – John Haddon

Kingfisher Reflection – Jayne Hutchings

Southwold – Jayne Hutchings

Urban Warfare – Rawdon Bottom

Our own scores :-

Wildebeest approach waterhole 14, Martin Robinson

Common Blue on grass 12, Trudy Haddon

Southwold 11, Jayne Hutchings

Kingfisher Reflection 8, Jayne Hutchings

Squacco Heron fishing 8, Martin Robinson

Urban Warfare 8, Rawdon Bottom

Mystical Irish Sea 8, Peter Sands

Drip Dry 7, Paul Wiles

Bruarfoss 5, Martin Robinson

Resting 5, Jayne Hutchings

Curiosity 4, Paul Wiles

Bovine 3, Andy Gordon

Chewing the Grass 2, Ken Brendon

Light & Sparkle 2, Liz Peat 


Results of our PAGB entries 2023

You recently submitted 16 images into the The GB Cup for Nature 2023

Alan Rich Brown Argus 10

David Hunter Common Field Grasshopper 11

David Hunter Parasol Mushroom 10

Jill Frankham Greenfinch 11

John Haddon Small Copper on Thistledown 10

John Haddon Pixie Cup Lichen 11

Ken Brendon Brown Rats 11

Louise Beech Stag 9

Martin Hutchings Otter 11

Martin Hutchings Grey Heron 13

Martin Robinson Wildebeest approach Waterhole 11

Martin Robinson African Jacana 11

Paul Wiles Sanderlings 10

Paul Wiles Mallard 10

Paul Wiles Nesting Leafcutter Bee 11

Rawdon Bottom Orange-tip 10

You recently submitted 18 images into the The GB Cup 2023

Andy Gordon Morning at East Fleet 9

Andy Gordon Kuramathi Jetty 9

David Hunter Shine on Me 9

David Hunter The Spinney 9

Jayne Hutchings Foundry Work 10

Jayne Hutchings Odins Stare 11

John Haddon Fading Beauty 9

John Haddon Profiled 11

Ken Brendon Bluebells in a Pink Vase 10

Ken Brendon In the Candle Light 9

Paul Nicholas Scalloped Oak Cracker 9

Paul Wiles Kayaking 11

Paul Wiles Inveraray 11

Paul Wiles Liver Way 12

Peter Sands Motor Biking 9

Peter Sands Time Tunnel 10

Rawdon Bottom Urban Warfare 9

Trudy Haddon Flowers in the Outhouse 9




07-12-2022 Set Subject Triptych Results

WINNER    Scotch Mist 12, John Haddon

Caught Prepared Eaten 11, Jayne Hutchings

Church Window's 9, Ken Brendon

Stag and hinds 8, Louise Beech

The Floral Arrangement 6, Ken Brendon

Sail Boat's 6, Ken Brendon

Kayak Back Flip 6, Rawdon Bottom

Alice - Triptych 6, Andy Gordon

Empty offices 6, John Haddon

Triptych II, 5 Paul Wiles

Flowers in the Outhouse 4, Trudy Haddon

Remembrance 3, Jayne Hutchings 


23-11-2022 PDIOTY Heat 3

6 Selections by Hazel Manning  go through to the final

Confronted - John Haddon

Foundry Work - Jayne Hutchings

Night Hunter - Martin Hutchings

Shine on Me - Dave Hunter

Teasel - Dave Hunter

Wave Rider - Rawdon Bottom

Our own scores :-

Night Hunter 12, by Martin Hutchings

Kingfisher with Catch 12, by Liz Peat

Foundry Work 11, by Jayne Hutchings

Warrior Queen 9, by Jayne Hutchings

Lake Wanaka 7, by Rawdon Bottom

Confronted 7, by John Haddon

Sunset Riders 7, by Martin Robinson

African Jacana 7, by Martin Robinson

Wave Rider 6, by Rawdon Bottom

Teasel 6, by Dave Hunter

Nesting Leafcutter II 5, by Paul Wiles


02-11-2022 People and Creative Subjects judged by Bob Goode

PEOPLE click to see entries



 Mir Girl

Martin Robinson



That Look

Alan Rich



High Five

Paul Wiles



Deep Breath

Paul Wiles

Darjeeling Knitter

Martin Robinson

The Bridesmaid.

Ken Brendon

The Princess

Alan Rich

 A Feathered Hat

Andy Gordon

You lift me up

Michael Vernon

Letter to Putin

Peter Sands

 Hi There

John Haddon

Leading the way

Martin Allen

The Ice Maiden

Alan Rich


Creative click to see entries


Time Stands Still

Jayne Hutchings



Enlightened Heritage

Louise Beech



Keeping Time

Michael Vernon



Living the Dream

John Haddon

Number 25 Bus

Paul Wiles

Musical Bells

Martin Hutchings

Nightmare Genie

Michael Vernon


Paul Wiles

Copper Beech

Paul Nicholas


Jayne Hutchings

Dancing Dandelion Seeds

Liz Peat


28-09-2022 PDIOTY Heat 2

6 Selections by Hazel Manning  go through to the final

Bluebells in a Pink Vase . Ken Brendon


Grasshopper - Dave Hunter


Jaws - Martin Hutchings


Kayak 6 - Paul Wiles


Morning at East Fleet Portrait - Andy Gordon


Odin's Stare - Jayne Hutchings

Our own scores :-

Kingfisher with catch, 13 by Martin Hutchings

Odin's Stare, 11 by Jayne Hutchings

Startled by Otter,11 by Martin Hutchings

Jaws, 10 by Martin Hutchings

Leafcutter Bee, 9 by Paul Wiles

Grasshopper, 7 by Dave Hunter

The Death of a Friend, 7 by Jayne Hutchings

Stanton Moor, 6 by Dave Hunter

Water Suspension, 6 by Liz Peat

Kawasaki 195, 5 by Rawdon Bottom

Tackled, 5 by Rawdon Bottom

Kayak 6, 5 by Paul Wiles

Morning at East Fleet Portrait, 4 by Andy Gordon

Bluebells in a Pink Vase, 4 by Ken Brendon 


22 September 2022 THE ANNUAL Print Competition

Judged by Trevor Rudkin LRPS 21 Sept 2022

Cheney Trophy Winner

Jayne Hutchings


The Colour Print Trophy Winner

Andy Gordon


The Monochrome Print Trophy

John Haddon


The NASON "Landscape" Trophy

Andy Gordon


14 September 2022 

Set Subject 'Street Scenes' Results

Urban Warfare 11 by Rawdon Bottom

Talking Trainers 10 by John Haddon

Big Brother 9 by John Haddon

Black and White 7 by Peter Sands

Rocking 6 by Martin Hutchings

Amsterdam 5 by Paul Wiles

Palace Street - Berwick-upon-Tweed 5 by Andy Gordon

Its Never to Late 4 by Martin Hutchings

TEAM GB 4 by Jayne Hutchings 


20-08-2022 Annual Exhibition

President’s Trophy WinnerSileby PS


Ray Needham Trophy

1st - Storm Approaching by Alan Rich

2nd – Time Tunnel by Peter Sands

3rd – The Aldeburgh Scallop by Dave Hunter

H/C – From Bud to Bloom by Peter Beckett

H/C – Hornet Profile by Paul Wiles

C – Amelanchier Notes by John Haddon

C – Male Orange Tip on Cow Parsley II by John Haddon


George Hunt Trophy

1st - Parasol Mushroom by David Hunter

Highly Commended

  Amethyst deceiver by Rawdon Bottom

  Breakfast Arriving by Liz Peat

  Brown Argus by Alan Rich

  Common Blue by Trudy Haddon

  Early Morning at Brixham by Andy Gordon

  Flying by Peter Sands

  Fox Hunting by Peter Sands

  Liverpool Library by Martin Hutchings

  Moth eaten by John Haddon

  Osprey by Alan Rich

  Roosting Orangetip by Rawdon Bottom

  The Blue Bell by Ken Brendon

  The Face on the Wall by Ken Brendon

  The Seer by Jayne Hutchings


  Brimstone on Teasel by John Haddon

  Common Blue by Ken Brendon

  Common Blues by Dave Hunter

  Crinom by Paul Nicholas

  Daffs by Paul Nicholas

  Derwent Boat House by Paul Wiles

  Equine Beauty by Jayne Hutchings

  Eyed by Dave Hunter

  Fading beauty and a mini beast by Jill Frankham

  Fox Cub by Martin Allen.

  Goldfinch by Jill Frankham

  Greenfinch by Jill Frankham

  Green-veined White on Dandelion by Dave Hunter

  Italian Chapel by Martin Allen

  Kestrel by Louise Beech

  Kyak 5 by Paul Wiles

  Lila by John Haddon

  Male Marsh Harrier by Alan Rich

  Marble Whites Fighting by Martin Hutchings

  Skylark by Alan Rich

  Small Copper on Thistledown by John Haddon

  Snettisham Sunset by Martin Hutchings

  The Fading Yellow Roses by Ken Brendon

  These are for you by Gerald Sanders

  Watching and Waiting by Rawdon Bottom

  White Morpho by Peter Sands.

  Whoa by Peter Sands


Quartet Trophy Winner "The Four Seasons" - Martin Allen

The public vote:-

Alan Rich for Storm Approaching (Colour)

John Haddon for Yesterday's Highway (Mono).

04-05-2022 PDIOTY Heat 1

Nuneaton Results Highlighted and go through to the final

Fancy a Shower - Peter Sands

In the Curve - Dave Hunter

Kuramathi jetty - Andy Gordon

Orange Tip on Garlic Mustard - Rawdon Bottom

Peek-a-Boo - Paul Nicholas

Seven Sanderlings - Paul Wiles


Our own scores :-

Horsey Seal 10 Paul Wiles

Kuramathi jetty 8 Andy Gordon

In the Curve 7 Dave Hunter

Misty Mallard 7 Paul Wiles

All Eyes on the Ball 6 Rawdon Bottom

The Tower Block 6 Ken Brendon

Thrupenny Bit 5 Paul Nicholas

Low Pass 4 Paul Nicholas

Timeline 4 John Haddon

Seven Sanderlings 4 Paul Wiles

So Serious 3 Rawdon Bottom


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