Trophy History - in progress

These are the trophies for the current competitions.

1 The ‘Quartet Small Print’ Trophy. Glass domed with model photographer.

19?? – The Quartet Trophy was presented by Geoff Holmes and may have been originally awarded for mini-prints.  (This trophy was hand-made by Geoff’s son???)

The 1st winner was ………….

2 Set Subject PDI's - Shields.

2000 - The Print and Slide “League” shields were presented by Sandra & David Johnson when the club ran a series of points based competitions (both slides and prints) spread over the year.  They are now awarded for the Set Subject PDI comps. (The trophies are not engraved).

3 PDI of the Year - Casket.

1976 - PDI of the Year was presented to the club by ???

It was awarded for the best slide (now PDI) of the year.

The 1st winner was John Smith who owned a shop opposite the Library.

4 The Ray Needham Trophy for prints.

1982 – The Ray Needham Trophy was presented by Ray Needham and is awarded to the best print in the annual exhibition.

The 1st winner was Geoff Holmes, a longstanding club secretary.


Live Entertainment Club 2

5 The President’s Trophy. Large Shield

6 Monochrome Print Trophy - Tankard

2001 - Mono Print Trophy was bought by the club. The 1st winner was Tony Mar-Gerrison a longstanding club treasurer.

7 The Johnson Conservation Trophy - Bronze Otters.

1991 - Johnson Conservation Trophy was presented by Sandra & David Johnson. The 1st winner was Ken Brendon

8 Nason Print Trophy - Landscape - Shield.

1981 – The Nason Trophy was presented by the then President, Cyril Nason and is awarded to the best “recent” mono landscape

The 1st winner was Tony Mar-Gerrison.

9 The People Trophy. Glass domed model.

1981 - The People Trophy was presented to the club by Geoff Holmes and was originally awarded for the best panel of three (10x8) portraits – hence it’s inscription “80 trophy for portraiture”.  (This trophy was hand-made by Geoff’s son.)

The 1st winner was Ray Needham who ran an electrical business in the town.

10 Most Improved Club Member - Photographer on plinth

2015 - Most Improved Member Trophy was presented by Trudy & John Haddon. The 1st winner was Suzanne Mcleod.  (The trophy is not engraved).

11 The George Hunt Trophy, for best show PDI. Cup

1987 - George Hunt Trophy was awarded in by the George’s widow and is awarded to the best Slide (PDI) in the annual exhibition. (The trophy is not engraved). The 1st winner was ………….

12 The Cheney Print Trophy - Cup.

1976 - The Cheney Trophy was presented to the club by R.E.Cheney Esq., the son of a local chemist, whose shop used to be where Costa is now.  The competition rules are deliberately designed to allow members to showcase their printing skills over a wide range of subjects. The 1st winner was John Petch who went on to win it for the next six years in a row.

The Creative Trophy - 

The Creative Trophy was presented by John Petch and originally awarded for Derivative prints.

The 1st winner was …….

The Colour Print Trophy

1981 - The 1st winner was Glen Pickett.

The Most Popular Print Award at the Annual Exhibition voted for by the public. No trophy – just the kudos.