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Results from August 2015 to the summer break 2019



PDI of the Year - Heat 1

LPSC vote -

Horsey Wind Pump   12  by Paul Wiles

Looking for Love   12   by Rawdon Bottom

Mr Mallard Mirror  10  by Paul Wiles

Portrait of a Red Fox  10  by Ken Brendon

Lost in Thought  9  by John Haddon

Barn Owl  8  by Jill Frankham

Dew on Ladybird  4  by Jill Frankham

Wasp  4  by Paul Wiles

Moss Seed Heads  4  by John Haddon

Kelpie Astern  4  by Dave Hunter

St Marys Bitteswell at night  3  by Rawdon Bottom


Nuneaton’s selection


Going Over by Sean Williams

Horsey Wind Pump by Paul Wiles

Lichen View by Dave Hunter

Looking for Love by Rawdon Bottom

Mr Mallard Mirror by Paul Wiles

Spattered by Sean Williams


01-05-2019 Set Subject  'Through A Window' 
Top 4 images here 

View from the office    10    Rawdon Bottom

Through a grubby window    9     Louise Beech
St Ives    8     John Haddon

Light through the window    7     Ken Brendon
The Open Window    7     Ken Brendon

Framed Little Owl    5     Alan Shean
Framed Statue    5     Alan Shean

Window Shopping    5    Paul Wiles 
The Oldest Shop in Vienna    5   David Johnson  

Window to the Soul    5    Paul Wiles 

Window Dresser    5    Paul Nicholas 
Through Stained Glass    5    Alan Shean 

Boy in the window    4    Trudy Haddon 
Xmas Carols    3    John Haddon 

Typical Lakes...    1    Rawdon Bottom 


27-02-2019 LPSC Annual Print Competitions

Judged by Malcolm Cook (website )

No holds barred critiques - say what you see.

See Louise's winning images in her gallery here

and John's are here


The Nason “Landscape” Trophy


1st  Louise Beech - 'Isle of Skye to Mainland'

2nd Peter Sands 'Blackpool Pier' 

3rd  David Johnson - 'Beach View '

The Colour Print Trophy


1st  John Haddon - 'Sailing By'

2nd Ken Brendon - 'The Bridge' 

3rd Louise Beech - 'I will keep the light on'

The Monochrome Print Trophy


1st  John Haddon - 'Despair'

2nd  Sean Williams  - 'Daily Essentials'

3rd  Sandra Johnson - 'Equine Sculpture'

The Cheney Trophy


1st  Louise Beech

Eileen Donan Castle/Scottish Highlands



2nd John Haddon

Dark Green Fritillaries/Clouded Yellows


Bearded Bargee/Reminiscing

3rd Ken Brendon

The Battle of Britain/Remember

Out on the Solent/St Helens Fort

Whitethroat/Wheatear in Autumn


20-02-2019 Midphot 2019 Results

Congratulations to Sean, Mike and John for their acceptances into this years Midphot Exhibition.

An exceptional entry by John was topped off with a PAGB Silver Medal. 

The MidPhot Exhibition opens Weds 20th to Sun 24th March, at the Old Schoolhouse, Churchbridge, Oldbury.

Go to the MCPF Website for more details -


Sean Williams

Open Projected Image (acceptance mark 12)

"A Bit Soft under Foot" scored 10
"A Fair Lead" scored 9
"Daily Essentials" scored 12 and was accepted
"Leading Down the Back Straight" scored 12 and was accepted
"Soggy Marathon" scored 9
"Striding Out" scored 10
"Strutting the Style" scored 10
"The Office Brolly" scored 10


Michael Vernon

Open Projected Image (acceptance mark 12)

"Clockwork Orange" scored 10
"Countdown to Leaving" scored 12 and was accepted
"Curtain Call Miss Bussell" scored 10
"Langdale" scored 10
"Valkyrie Encounter" scored 9
"Waiting for the Train" scored 9


John Haddon


"Sunning Common Blue" was awarded a PAGB Silver Medal


Colour Prints (acceptance mark 12)


"Sailing" scored 13 and was accepted


Mono Prints (acceptance mark 12)


"Despair" scored 10

Nature Prints Prints (acceptance mark 12)

"Bee Orchid" scored 12 and was accepted
"Brown Argus on Marjoram" scored 12 and was accepted

"Clouded Yellow on Thistle" scored 10
"Common Puffballs" scored 11
"Female Common Blue, at Rest" scored 11
"Hanging Common Blue" scored 12 and was accepted
"Morel" scored 9
"Nectaring Clouded Yellow" scored 10


Open Projected Image (acceptance mark 12)

"Lost in Thought" scored 10
"Returning Day-Trippers" scored 10
"The Spirit of Sail" scored 9
"Winter's Chill" scored 12 and was accepted


Projected Image Nature Projected Image (acceptance mark 12)

"Four-Spotted Chaser" scored 12 and was accepted
"Laying Green Hairstreak" scored 11
"Male Orange Tip on Cow Parsley" scored 12 and was accepted
"Paired Clouded Yellows" scored 10
"Purple Hairstreak on Bracken" scored 11
"Roosting Brimstone" scored 10
"Semi-Free Morels" scored 12 and was accepted
"Sunning Common Blue" scored 13 and was accepted



The Johnson Conservation Trophy was won by John Haddon,

Jill Frankham 2nd, and Chris Whitehouse 3rd.

A high quality turnout of 10 sets of images. See the winners

The PDI of the Year was won by Louise Beech with Redshank,

John Haddon 2nd, and Chris Whitehouse 3rd.

See the images

30-01-2019 - PDI of the Year - Heat 4 Results

Nuneaton’s selections are highlighted

Images in Ranked Order

Dawn at Sledmere_Chris Whitehouse 12 

Australasian Gannet_Rawdon Bottom  9  

Henrietta Street Whitby_Chris Whitehouse  9 

Green Hairstreak_Ken Brendon 9        

Standing on the Tide Line_Ken Brendon 7        

Breathe of Wind_ Dave Hunter   6        

On their guard_ Louise Beech 6        

Wrecks_David Johnson   6        

Parasola-Auricoma_Dave Hunter   5        

An Inviting Path_ John Haddon   4        

Saltburn Pier_ Chris Whitehouse   4        

Gone Fishin' _ Rawdon Bottom   4 

Indian girl collecting water_Peter Sands   4        

Going to work on Mars_ Mike Vernon  3        

Apartments Downtown Mandalay_Mike Vernon  3        

Cappella Palatina_ Alan Shean  3        

Remembrance Day_ Sandra Johnson  3        

A Fair Lead_Sean Williams    2  

Grey Wagtail_Ken Brendon    2        

Striding Out_Sean Williams    2        

Conflict at 16,000 feet_  Mike Vernon  2  

Each entrants results, see the pdf here


Scoring image results, see the pdf here

See the Gallery for the 24 finalists.


21-11-2018 - PDI of the Year - Heat 3 Results

Images in LPSC votes order - Nuneaton's selections are highlighted

Paul Nicholas_Black-veined White 11      


Alan Shean_Alert Hare 10      

Sandra Johnson_The Kelpies  7        

Chris Whitehouse_It's that way 6        


Louise Beech_Snipe on a Post  6        

Ken Brendon_Fieldfare in the Snow  5        


Ken Brendon_Young Red Squirrel  5        


Jill Frankham_Merlin 4        


Peter Sands_Sommaroy  4        


Jill Frankham_Merlin Falcon  4        


Dave Hunter_Haxey Quay  4 

Sean Williams_Soggy Marathon  2


John Haddon_Before the Thaw 1        



Each entrants results, see the pdf here  

Scoring image results, see the pdf here

See the Gallery for the 18 selected so far.



31-10-2018 Creative and People 

What a good show, quality and quantity. The judge Alan Cook from Hinckley did a great job in sorting out the winners. There were many images that would do well in any competition so perhaps we'll see some of them again.

The winning pictures are here. Please scroll to the bottom of the page.


Ist  Waiting for the Train_Michael Vernon

2nd  Best Friends_Chris Whitehouse

3rd  Team-win_John Haddon



1st   Sailing _John Haddon

2nd  Stay Calm _Louise Beech

3rd  Returning Day-trippers_John Haddon   


17-10-2018 Set Subject - 'Less is More'

Well done Paul, topping the points with 2 images in your first LPSC competition.

Click here for the full results list pdf. 

Click here for each entrant's score pdf. 

See here for images.  Scroll down to the bottom.

Top Scores -

Paul Nicholas_Maroc chair  6        

Paul Nicholas_Mood Indigo   6        

John Haddon_The Spirit of Sail   6        

Jill Frankham_Middle of the Moguls   5        

Peter Sands_100   5

Alan Shean_Church Door   5        


19-09-2018 - PDI of the Year - Heat 2 Results

Images in Ranked Order - Nuneaton's selections are highlighted


Chris Whitehouse_Boy's Best Friend_9

Louise Beech_Redshank_8

Dave Hunter_ERA Parnell_Challenger 7

Ken Brendon_Common Blue_7

Jill Frankham_Unseated_6

Alan Shean_Midnight Feast_5

Chris Whitehouse_Golden Sunrise_5

Rawdon Bottom_Feeding Time_5

Jill Frankham_Sundown_4

Roy Maiden_Catching the Wind_3

Ken Brendon_Lesser Whitethroat_3

Dave Hunter_Meadow Way_3

Sandra Johnson_Morning Dew_3

Rawdon Bottom_Evening_glow 3

John Haddon_Come Up and See Me Sometime_2

David Johnson_Aquilegia_2

Sean Williams_Strutting the Style_2

Alan Shean_Wet Slates_2

Rob Miller_Copper Hues_2

Ken Brendon The Hen House 2

Alan Shean_Quick Check_1

Rob Miller_Lancaster Spiral_1

Dave Hunter_Penmon Lighthouse_1

Roy Maiden_Handrail Reflection_1

For the full set of results see pdf here


2018 Annual Exhibition Results

The Presidents Trophy for best club entry of 6 prints was awarded by Michael Vernon to Earl Shilton C.C. 

Thanks to the 6 other clubs for entering, showing great quality and presentation skills. 

Mkt. Harborough P.S. - Dunchurch P.S. - Fosse C.C.

Nuneaton P.S. - Broughton Astley P.S., and Sileby P.S.

Ray Needham Print Trophy for the best LPSC print - 91 entries.

1st  - Curtain Call Miss Bussell - Michael Vernon

2nd - Clockwork Orange - Michael Vernon

3rd - Lost in France - John Haddon

H/Commended - Modern Architecture - Mono - Alan Shean

H/Commended - Modern Architecture Reflected - Mono - Alan Shean

H/Commended - Female Common Blue - John Haddon

Commended - Brown Argus - John Haddon

Commended - Maltese Window - Rob Miller

Commended - Salt Mine Head - Mono - Peter Sands

Commended - ERA Parnell Challenger - Mono - David Hunter

Quartet Trophy - ' Trees '

A good turnout of 8 entries for a difficult subject.

1st John Haddon

2nd Rob Miller

The George Hunt PDI Trophy - 100 entries

1st   Ski Racer - Jill Frankham

2nd  Sunning Common Blue - John Haddon

3rd   Female Brimstone - Ken Brendon

Highly commended -

The House on the Rocks - Jill Frankham

Come Up And See Me Sometime - John Haddon

Globe Thistle - David Hunter

Leap of Faith - Sean Williams

Skipper - David Hunter

Lila - John Haddon

Nectaring Common Blue - John Haddon

Spanish Stroll - Rawdon Bottom

Commended -

Daily Essentials - Sean Williams

Cool Canal - Peter Sands

Cool Running Waters - Peter Sands

Fieldfare in the Snow - Ken Brendon

Haxey Quay - David Hunter

The public vote pdf file is here... 


09-05-2018 PDI of the Year Heat 1

Nuneaton's six selections are -

A Bit Soft under Foot_Sean Williams

Early Thorn_David Hunter

Mountain View_Jill Frankham

Ski Racer_Jill Frankham

Wild Rose_Tony Mar-Gerrison

Winter's Chill_John Haddon

View these here

LPSC judged images scoring 3 or better.

Langdale_12_Michael Vernon

Damselfly_9_Rawdon Bottom

Early Thorn_9_Dave Hunter

Watergate_8_ Sandra Johnson

Reflections in a Spoon_7_Bryn Williams

Threshing Day_7_Chris Whitehouse

Bad Hair Day_7_Chris Whitehouse

The Moth Orchid_5_Ken Brendon

Spanish Stroll_5_Rawdon Bottom

Spring Gentians_3_Sandra Johnson

Winter's Chill_3_John Haddon

On the Shelf_3_Alan Shean

Frosty Iris_3_David Johnson

Sisters_3_Sandra Johnson

Ski Racer_3_Jill Frankham


18 lower marked images not shown

17 unmarked images not shown

Individual entrant's total scores are here

25-04-2018 Set Subject 'Boats'

In house judging - 16 entrants - 46 images. 

1st At Rest_John Haddon_13 votes

2nd Heading into the Sunset_Ken Brendon_13 votes

3rd The Market Downtown Bangkok_Michael Vernon_11 votes

4th High and Dry_Rawdon Bottom_10 votes

It was close, John had the higher 3 image score.

The winning images are here 

Full results pdf here


LPSC Annual Print Competitions

Judged by Richard Cobby – 28th Feb 2018

Winning images are here


The Nason “Landscape” Trophy


1st  Charnian Rock_David Hunter

2nd  Buttermere_ Alan Shean

3rd  Wicken Fen Windmill_Robert Miller

Glencoe_Louise Beech

Trees in Winter’s Mantle_Ken Brendon

Bradgate Tree_John Haddon

The Cotswolds_David Johnson

Yorkshire Dales_Sandra Johnson

Land, Sea and Air_Peter Sands


The Colour Print Trophy


1st  Watergate_Sandra Johnson

2nd  Amazing Wells Cathedral_David Hunter

3rd  Tulip Fantasia_David Johnson

H/C Spiral Staircase with Shadow_Robert Miller

The Doctor_Louise Beech

The Bird Cage_Ken Brendon

Sunflower_John Haddon

Lake Tekapo & Beyond_Peter Sands

Pelican_Alan Shean

The Monochrome Print Trophy


1st  Piazza_Alan Shean

2nd  Rams Quartet_Sandra Johnson

3rd  Ray_John Haddon

The Wreck_Louise Beech

Resting on the Sea Front_Ken Brendon

Frosted Grass_David Johnson

Final Dip - Ramsgate_Peter Sands


The Cheney Trophy


1st  John Haddon

Steam Engines

Leaving Rothley / Power Train

Natural History   

Amethyst Deceiver / Bee Orchid

1940’s Travellers

Seeking 1st Class / City Gent


2nd David Hunter


Leaving Rothley / Up the Creek


Six Spot Burnets / Canary Shouldered Thorn


Mill Closed / Let’s look Through


3rd Ken Brendon

Winter Scenes

The Pavilion After Snow / The Playing Fields in Winter

Oilseed Rape Landscapes

Wind Towers in the Rape Field / The Old Tower

Wild Life

Reed Bunting / Silver Washed Fritillary


H/C Robert Miller

Staircase Spiral

Fitzwilliam Building, Lancaster Univ / Jedburgh Gaol

Animal Antics

A Pig in a Poke / Kitten Mischief

Flower Power

Double Peony / Pink Rose


H/C Louise Beech


Granny’s Attic / Folk Musicians


Kestrel with Prey / Kestrel in the Morning

Animals in Snow

Cosy Hare House in the Snow / Ptarmigan in the Snow


C  Alan Shean

Night Steam

Duchess I / Duchess II

Modern Architecture Reflected

Valencia / Panama

Cold War Jets

933 Buccaneer I / Buccaneer II


David Johnson


Cathedral Window / Salisbury Cathedral

Vintage Tractors

The Ploughman / The Ploughing Match


White Rose / Lily White


Sandra Johnson


Ribblehead Viaduct / Pack Horse Bridge


Bamburgh Castle / Lowther Castle


Highland Cattle / Beach Grazing


Peter Sands


Apollo XIV / Atlantis


Wind Farming / Negative Wind


Glacial Ice / Icy Chalet



Johnson Conservation Trophy won by Ken Brendon - see the images here

PDI of the Year won by John Haddon with Large Skipper and Friend

See the quality in full screen expand mode, though still not on Ipad :( 


01-02-2018 Finalist's for PDI of the Year.

Alan and John have had to drop an image each.

Buzzard's Breakfast by AS (Withdrawn) and Catching the Sun by JH (Withdrawn)

Jill's Bluetit and Autumnal Frog both scored 9 votes and are promoted to fill the vacant places.


31/01/2018 PDI of the Year - Heat 4 result

Amelanchier Sprig  10  John Haddon

Autumnal Frog  9  Jill Frankham

Ice Arch  7   Sandra Johnson

Bluebell Wood   6   David Johnson

Kingfisher  6  Jill Frankham

What's that ewe said    6   Rob Miller

Catching the Sun   5  John Haddon

Ringlets   5  Trudy Haddon

Batman - Jokers Escaped   4  Michael Vernon

The Love Story  4   Michael Vernon

Christmas Curios   3   John Haddon

The Cricket ground in Winter   3   Ken Brendon

Canalside reflections  3  Trudy Haddon

Spring is on its way  3   Dave Hunter

Springs Flowers   3   Ken Brendon

Autumn  2   Tony Mar-Gerrison

Village Life   2   Peter Sands

Old Stump   2   David Johnson

Leading Over The Top   1   Sean Williams

Mono or Colour   1  Peter Sands

Gold Spot  1   Dave Hunter

A Snowy Egret   1   Alan Shean

Silken sales   1   Rob Miller

Buzzard   1   Jill Frankham

Leaving Rothley Station   1  Dave Hunter 

Aysgarth   1   David Johnson

The Ups And Downs Of Cyclocross   1  Sean Williams

Nuneaton's 6 selections were,

Batman - Jokers Escaped _ MV

Catching the Sun_JH

Gold Spot_DH

New Life_SJ


Spring's Flowers_KB

See the Gallery for the final 24


Photographic Alliance of Great Britain

The GB Cup for Nature 2018 Nature

The Highest Scoring Images - 8 entered, max entry 12. Scored out of 15.

1  Banded Demoiselle  John Haddon  12

2  Curlew Calling  Louise Beech  12

3  Kestrel At Dusk  Louise Beech 12

4  Canary Shouldered Thorn  David Hunter 11

5  Silver Washed Fritillary On Bracken  John Haddon  10

6  Fruit Bat  Alan Shean  10

7  Paper Wasps  Jill Frankham  10

8  Intent  David Hunter 9

Total 86 points

Chorley Photographic Society won with 137 points

The GB Cup for Small Clubs 2018 Open


The 10 Highest Scoring Images were

1  Clockwork Orange  Mike Vernon  12

2  Picking Up The Pace  Sean Williams  11

3  Punch On Through  Mike Vernon  11

4  Cobbled Street - Dinan  John Haddon  10

5  Curtain Call Miss Bussell  Mike Vernon  10

6  Walk Through  Alan Shean  10

7  Wall Of Nightmares  Mike Vernon  9

8  Uh-oh  Sean Williams  9

9  Spiral Fire Escape  Robert Miller  9

10 Squaring Up To A Fight  Peter Sands  9

Total 100 points

This score put us in joint 40th place of the Small Clubs which was won by Oldham PS with 119 points.


17-01-2018 Set Subject - Musicians - see winners

Granny's Attic  10   Louise Beech

Playing the Bagpipes  10   Alan Shean

Visiting Swiss Band   6   Sean Williams

Reflections   6   Dave Hunter

And She Shall Have Music   5   John Haddon

June July Band   5   Louise Beech

Bill Tomkins pulls out the stops   4   John Haddon

The Accordion Busker   4   Michael Vernon

Viennese Ensemble   3   Michael Vernon

Street Quartet   2   Michael Vernon

The Clef Family   2   Dave Hunter

Playing the Harp   2   Alan Shean

Greenfield March   2   Sean Williams

Reflective Mood   1   Sean Williams

Bottle Kicking   1   Peter Sands

Go Away   1   Peter Sands


22/11/2017 PDI of the Year - Heat 3

Clockwork Orange   11   Mike Vernon

Large Skipper and Friend    11   John Haddon

Cobbled Street - Dinan     11   John Haddon

Night Steam    9      Alan Shean

Curlew Calling  8    Louise Beech

Flowers by Moonlight    7   David Johnson

Spiral Fire Escape, De Vere Hotel, Cheltenham     5   Rob Miller

Up the Creek    5     Dave Hunter

Triangular Staircase, Radisson Blu, St Helier     3   Rob Miller

I Like a Hot Curry    3    Mike Vernon

Lunch     3    Peter Sands

Running for Cover    3    Alan Shean

Six Spot Burnet     3    Ken Brendon

As The Sun Goes Down ...    2     Suzanne Mcleod

Valkyrie Encounter     2     Mike Vernon

Through the Sally Gap    2    Louise Beech

Leap of Faith     2     Sean Williams

Badminton Horse Trials    1    Suzanne Mcleod

Chilling Out     1     Trudy Haddon

Boom    1   John Haddon

Spiral Staircase, Jedburgh Gaol     1   Rob Miller

Snow Pooch    1    Suzanne Mcleod

What Goes Up   1    Sean Williams

By the River     1     David Johnson

Buzzard's Breakfast     1     Alan Shean

Nuneaton’s selection, in no particular order, are -

Clockwork Orange by Mike Vernon

Large Skipper and Friend by John Haddon

Cobbled Street – Dinan by John Haddon

Night Steam by Alan Shean

Leap of Faith by Sean Williams

Buzzard's Breakfast by Alan Shean

See the Nuneaton selections here



1/11/2017 People and Creative judged by Nat Coalson



1st   A Juicy Bit of Gossip - John Haddon

2nd  Men at work Indian style - Peter Sands

3rd   Garden Chat  - David Johnson



1st   Wall of Nightmares - Michael Vernon

2nd  Less Chilli Next Time  - Michael Vernon

3rd   Walk Through - Alan Shean

To see the images click here




PDI of the  Year - Heat 2

Iguana 7 Alan Shean

Countdown to Leaving 7 Mike Vernon

Foggy Morn 5 David Johnson

Snack Time 5 Mike Vernon

Tulip Fantasy 5 David Johnson

Medusa 4 Mike Vernon

Canary Shouldered Thorn 4 Dave Hunter

Osprey Fishing 3 Jill Frankham

Gorse Buds 3 John Haddon

Blissfully Tired 3 Louise Beech

Hutton Le Hole 3 Tony Mar-Gerrison

Short eared owl on North Uist 3 Louise Beech

Litchfield Cathedral 3 Tony Mar-Gerrison

Uh-Oh 3 Sean Williams

Leap of Faith... 3 Suzanne McLeod

Canal Reflections 3 Trudy Haddon

Blue Flash 3 Dave Hunter

Bee on Sunflower 2 Trudy Haddon

Soul Singer 2 John Haddon

The Slug and the Fungi 2 Trudy Haddon

Taking Aim 2 John Haddon

Paper Wasps 1 Jill Frankham

Gimson's Finest 1 Dave Hunter

Out There Somewhere 1 Suzanne McLeod

Blackberries In Season 1 Sean Williams

Silverwashed Fritillary 1 Ken Brendon

Waiting 1 Alan Shean

Konstantin fire escape 1 Rob Miller


14 unmarked images not shown

Nuneaton's selection - 

Taking Aim _ JH

Canary Shouldered Thorn _ DH

Silver Washed Fritilliary _ KB

Short Eared Owl _LB

Tulip Fantasy _ DJ

Foggy Morning _ DJ



2017 Annual Exhibition

The Presidents Trophy was awarded by Michael Vernon to Sileby P.S. - with Earl Shilton C.C. in 2nd place.

Thanks to the other clubs for entering - Mkt. Harborough P.S. - Dunchurch P.S. - Fosse C.C. - and Nuneaton P.S.

Ray Needham Print Trophy

1st  Female Small Skipper on Grass Stem by John Haddon

2nd  Autumn Fall by David Hunter

3rd  Cold War Jets by Alan Shean 

H/Commended - Mermaid by Alan Shean

H/Commended - Waymarked Track by John Haddon

H/Commended - Resting Male Orange Tip by John Haddon

Commended - Silverweed by David Hunter

Commended - I'm Clocking You by Michael Vernon

Commended - 15000 RPM by Peter Beckett

Quartet Trophy - 'Skies'

1st Alan Shean

2nd Sandra Johnson

The George Hunt PDI Trophy

1st   Bee Fly by John Haddon

2nd  Power Struggle by JH

3rd   Misty Start by DH

Highly commended -

Beach Art by DJ

Cyclocross by DH

Female Common Blue on Knapweed by JH

Flying Pelican by AS

Large Skipper and Friend by JH

Commended -

Chaffinch by JF

Kestrel by ELB

Lakeside Mist by KB

Squirrel by JF

Towcester Races by ELB

Whitebell by AS

Woodland Surprise by SAJ

The Public Vote

We had 150 voting slips. There were  61 colour prints including the 6 'Skies',

of which 44 received votes, and 28 monochrome, of which 25 received votes.

89 images of which 69 were someone's favourite.

The Colour Print Winner was

Across the Lake by Sandra Johnson 14 votes

Swan Preening by KB 11 votes

Paired Common Blues by JH 11 votes

Kestrel by LB 8 votes

Across Buttermere by AMG 7 votes

Female Small Skipper by JH 7 votes

Left to the Elements by PB 6 votes

Fruit Bat by AS 5 votes

Chickened Out by MV 5 votes

Autumn Fall by DH 5 votes

The End of the Day by PB 5 votes

Monochrome Print - joint winners

High Life in Panama by Alan Shean 16 votes

Waymarked Track by John Haddon 16 votes

Close Encounter by LB 13 votes

Walking in the Mist by KB 9 votes

Red Lion by AS 9 votes

Crackington Haven by AS 8 votes

Smoke without Fire by MV 8 votes

Roots by KB 6 votes

Musket Fire by JH 6 votes

Silverweed by DH 6 votes

Leaving Rothley 2 by JH 6 votes

I'm Clocking You by MV 6 votes

Norfolk Coast Path by SJ 5 votes

Market Character by JH 5 votes




10/05/2017 PDI of the Year - Heat 1

1st Jill Frankham - Bluetit  9

2nd Jill Frankham - Chaffinch  8

3rd Alan Shean - Fruitbat  7

4th John Haddon - When's Suppertime  6

4th Alan Shean - Cold War Jet  6

Nuneaton's selection - 

Curtain Call,Miss Bussell_MV

Cold War Jet_AS

Autumn Stages_DH

Fruit Bat_AS

Clean Bowled_SW


03/05/2017 Set Subject 'Hobbies'  - assessed by members present.

1st David Johnson - 9 votes 'Enthusiasts'  Total 18

2nd Sean Williams - 9 votes 'Marching Band'  Total 11

3rd John Haddon - 7 votes 'Don't Touch the Red Lever'  Total 7


01/03/2017 Annual End of year Print comps judged by Chris Baldwin

The Nason “Landscape” Trophy

1st The Waymarked Track   John Haddon

2nd Foxton                           Alan Shean

3rd Beach Walk                    David Johnson

The Colour Print Trophy

1st Thirlmere Reflections    Tony Mar-Gerrison

2nd Lichfield Cathedral       David Johnson

3rd Victoriana                      David Hunter

The Monochrome Print Trophy

1st Leaving                         John Haddon

2nd Misterton                      David Hunter

3rd Roots                            Ken Brendon

The Cheney Trophy

1st David Hunter

2nd John Haddon

3rd = Ken Brendon

3rd = Alan Shean


Sandra Johnson won an MCPF medal at the Midphot A/V Championships.

Her "1215, A Memorable Year" sequence, was judged the best sequence by an Intermediate worker.  This is a great achievement, so our whole hearted congratulations to Sandra, very well done.


15/02/2017 Annual End of year PDI comps judged by Trevor Rudkin.

The Johnson Conservation trophy (which had 8 entries)

1st John Haddon

2nd Ken Brendon

3rd Trudy Haddon

The "PDI of the Year" competition -

1st Silverweed by Dave Hunter

2nd Shapes and Shadows by John Haddon

3rd Burst Fest by Michael Vernon

Midphot 2017 Acceptances

Colour prints

John Haddon - Across the Reservoir

Mono prints (acc 12)

John Haddon - Leaving

Nature prints

John Haddon - Male Orange Tip, on Cow Parsley

                                                & Meadow Brown

General PDI’s

Michael Vernon - Balloon Catastrophe

& Punch on Through

David Hunter - Silverweed

Nature PDI’s

John Haddon - Banded Demoiselle

& Mating Orange Tips on Lady Smock II

& Silver Washed Fritillary on Bracken

Louise Beech _ Cuckoo

These acceptances reflect well on the authors and also the club.


Lutterworth P.S. Co-op was placed 78th= out of 98 clubs in the General Section

Lutterworth P.S. Co-op was placed 80th= out of 110 clubs in the Nature Section

"Water Rail & Reflection" by Jon Bowcutt was accepted for the MCPF travelling Portfolio 

2016 Annual Exhibition Results

Congratulations to all the award winners and thanks to everyone who entered material.


The President's Trophy

1st Dunchurch Photographic Society

The George Hunt Trophy

1st     ELB      Forth & Clyde Canal

2nd   SAJ      Coming Home

3rd    KB        The Tree in Winter

Commended   ELB   Kingfisher Feeding

Commended   DJ   Lichfield Cathedral

Commended   DH   South Stack Lighthouse

Commended   JH   Banded Demoiselle

Commended   JH   Mating Orange Tips

Commended   JH   Shapes and Shadow


The Ray Needham Print Trophy

1st     JH   Meadow Brown

2nd   KB   Groyne Stumps at Low Tide

3rd    KB   Bee Orchid

H/Commended   AS   Bearded Dragon

Commended   DH   Misterton

Commended   KB    Beech Tree


The ‘Quartet’ Trophy

1st              Stately Homes         JH

The Public Votes

Colour Prints

Score        Title                          Author

11      Groyne Stumps at Low Tide    KB

9       An Evening in Bruges           DH

9       Harvest Mice                       AS

Mono prints

Score        Title                         Author

11      An Intimate Moment           ELB

11      Misterton                          DH

8       Warwick Doric Post Box      DH

8       Seal in the Surf                  KB




Well done to everyone who took part in the Annual Exhibition.  Although I think attendance may have been slightly down on last year, the pictures were very good, probably the best yet from Lutterworth members.


This year, the Ray Needham Trophy was won again by Stuart Leche.


1st      Shires Sunset by Stuart Leche

2nd    Northern Industry by Alan Shean

3rd     Mr. Right by  John Haddon

H/C    Visualization by Stuart Leche

C        Arctic Fox by Alan Shean


The Quartet Trophy was won by David Johnson


The George Hunt Trophy results were :-


1st       Ptarmigan Portrait by Jon Bowcutt

2nd     Incoming by Stuart Leche

3rd      Silver Studded Blue on Cross-leafed Heather by John Haddon

H/C    Storm Brewing by David Johnson

H/C    Hedgehog drinking at pool & reflection by Jon Bowcutt

C         Buzzard with Kill on cliff edge by Jon Bowcutt


The President’s Trophy was won by Desborough & Rothwell from seven entries.


And finally, the general public’s favourite prints.


Colour Prints

1st      Girl on a Bicycle by Dave Hunter (14 votes)

2nd    Shires Sunset, by Stuart Leche(9)

3rd     Woodland Walk by Tony Mar-Gerrison (6)


Mono Prints

1st      Brown Hare Foraging by Louise Beech (19 votes)

2nd=   Northern Industry by Alan Shean(12)

2nd=   Bright by Stuart Leche

3rd=    Help me by Dave Hunter (8)

3rd=    In Sight of the Castle by Ken Brendon