Battle Results 2018-2019

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13/03/2019 Dunchurch PS & Hinckley PS at Lutterworth

Judge: Chris Baldwin

Dunchurch win again with 354 pts. Prints 177 + PDI's 177  

LPSC       2nd with a total 349 pts. Prints 174 + PDI's 175

Hinckley   3rd with a total  345 pts. Prints175 + PDI's 170


Jet Ski Rider (20)  was judged  to be 'Best in Show'

by Phil Lindley CPAGB - Dunchurch


Bearded Bargee, Sailing, Merlin Falcon, and Redshank,

our strong runners, didn't perform so well this evening 

when compared with last Friday at Desborough.


Osprey Takes Trout   20  Alan Shean    

Dark Green Fritillaries  20  John Haddon    

Daily Essentials  19   Sean Williams   

Remember 1940   17   Ken Brendon  

Isle of Skye to the Mainland  17  Louise Beech    

Bearded Bargee  17  John Haddon    

The Potting Shed   16  Sandra Johnson    

Sommaroy   16   Peter Sands   

Beach View   16   David Johnson   

The Wrecks  16    David Johnson  

Total 174


Curtain Call Miss Bussell  20  Michael Vernon 

Boy's best friend  20 Chris Whitehouse

Leading Down the Back Straight  19  Sean Williams    

Fieldfare in the Snow  17  Ken Brendon     

Gone fishin'  17  Rawdon Bottom     

Merlin Falcon  17  Jill Frankham    

ERA Parnell Challenger at Prescott  17   David Hunter   

Redshank   16  Louise Beech    

Black Headed Ibis  16   Alan Shean  

Sailing   16  John Haddon    

Total 175


08-03-2019 Desborough & Rothwell Away Battle

We win away 😃 with the strong scores of the PDI's helping 

offset the prints.

Judged by Gerry Coles of Duston CC.



16_Standing at the Tideline_Ken Brendon

17_Osprey Takes Trout_Alan Shean

15_The Potting Shed_Sandra Johnson

15_The Wrecks_David Johnson

17_Remember 1940_Ken Brendon

16_Sommaroy_Peter Sands

19_Bearded Bargee_John Haddon

20_Dark Green Fritillaries_John Haddon

17_Isle of Skye to the Mainland_Louise Beech

18_Daily Essentials_Sean Williams

16_Beach View_David Johnson

15_Ginuary_Louise Beech

Total 201 (Desborough 204)



18_Redshank_Louise Beech

18_Curtain Call Miss Bussell_Michael Vernon

17_Boy’s Best Friend_Chris Whitehouse

15_Fieldfare in the Snow_Ken Brendon

16_ERA Parnell Challenger_David Hunter

19_Leading Down the Back Straight_Sean Williams

16_Gone Fishin_Rawdon Bottom

15_The Kelpies_Sandra Johnson

19_Black Headed Ibis_Alan Shean

20_Sailing_John Haddon

20_Merlin Hawk_Jill Frankham

15_Tromso Harbour_Peter Sands

Total 208 (Desborough 198)


Grand Total 409 (Desborough 402)


28/11/18 Nuneaton Home Battle

Sean's evening with 2 x 20's, print and PDI. The judge was John Lewis LRPS.

It was a honourable draw overall, we won the prints, 176/172, and Nuneaton won the PDI's, 175/179

The judge did say the best in show was Sean's Shopping Lady, so I think we won really... 

Individual print scores were -

The Weekly Shop _ Sean Williams _ 20

Water Lily_DavidJohnson_19

Modern Architecture Reflected_Alan Shean_19

The Joker_Michael Vernon_18

Brown Argus on Marjoram_John Haddon_18

Eilean Donan Castle_Louise Beech_17

Pasque Seed Heads_David Hunter_17

Salt Mine Head_Peter Sands_16

Maltese Window_Robert Miller_16

The Dawn Mist_Ken Brendon_16

Individual PDI scores were -

The Office Brolly_Sean Williams_20

Kestrel with Prey_Louise Beech_19

Female Brimstone_Ken Brendon_17

Watergate_Sandra Johnson_17

Bad Hair Day_Chris Whitehouse_17

ERA Challenger_David Hunter_17

Langdale_Michael Vernon_17

Sunning Common Blue_John Haddon_17

Ski Racer_Jill Frankham_17

Australasian Gannet_Rawdon Bottom_17 


14/11/18 Cedars Challenge - 4 Clubs - 12 prints each

Judged by Peter Gennard MFIAP EFIAP/p of Smethwick PS

A splendid turnout of members saw a good battle, with Earl Shilton retaining the trophy.

Well done John, Ken, and Sean for our best scores.

Earl Shilton 195

Hinckley      182

Lutterworth 181

Broughton Astley 155

Our individual scores were -

Pasque Seed Heads   17  Dave Hunter

Clockwork Orange      15  Mike Vernon

Maltese Window         12  Robert Miller

Modern Architecture Reflected   15  Alan Shean

Brown Argus on Marjoram   20  John Haddon

Water Lily                   14 David Johnson

The Weekly Shop      19  Sean Williams

Eileen Donan Castle  12   Louise Beech

Salt Mine Head          12  Peter Sands 

The Dawn Mist          19  Ken Brendon

Batman Joker has Escaped   13  Mike Vernon

Sit a While                 13  Dave Hunter 


12/10/2018  The Fosse Challenge

10 Clubs x 6 prints each.

We finished in a strong position in last night’s competition, holding up the rest.

There were some very good prints on show and Sileby deserved their win with

a brilliant score of 115.


1st place - Sileby PS (115)

2nd - Earl Shilton (108)

3rd - Leicester Forest PS (106)

3rd - Leicester & Leicestershire PS (106)

5th - Nuneaton (105)

6th - Melton Mowbray (104)

7th - Fosse (103)

8th - Hinckley (100)

9th - Coalville & District (98)

10th - Lutterworth (97)


Our individual scores were -

18 Water Lily by DJ

14 Hoody by SW

16 Clockwork orange by MV

18 Brown Argus by JH

15 Maltese Window by RM

16 Pasque Seed Heads by DH


The judge was Jim Hartje ARPS, EFIAP, APAGB, DPAGB , BPE5 of Peterborough PS


03/10/2018  Home Battle against Fosse and Market Harborough

A very close contest where we sneaked a win by one point as our PDI scores made the difference.

Well done Louise and John with their 20's and Rawdon with Australasian Gannet 19.

Prints - LPSC 119, Fosse 127, MHPS 122

PDI’s – LPSC 127, Fosse 118, MHPS 123

Total    LPSC 246, Fosse 245, MHPS 245

Lutterworth Prints

Brown Argus on Marjoram 20 John Haddon   

Pasque Seed Heads 18  David Hunter    

Clockwork Orange 17 Mike Vernon     

Maltese Window 17 Robert Miller    

Modern Architecture Reflected  16  Alan Shean    

Hoody 16 Sean Williams   

Water Lily 15 David Johnson  


Lutterworth  PDI's  

Kestrel with Prey  20  Louise Beech

Australasian Gannet 19  Rawdon Bottom    

Ski Racer 19  Jill Frankham  

Sunning Common Blue 19  John Haddon    

The Office Brolly  17  Sean Williams    

Watergate 17  Sandra Johnson    

ERA Parnell Challenger  16 David Hunter 



The 2018 'Tripod' battle was won by North Norfolk. LPSC came second, with Kings Lynn 3rd.

1st North Norfolk with 666 points

2nd Lutterworth with 649 points

3rd Kings Lynn with 634 points

Scores from Lutterworth & N.Norfolk's judges ( ) . There were no scores from the Kings Lynn judge 

due to a file transmission error affecting the images.

Canary Shouldered Thorn - Dave Hunter 19 (18)

Kestrel with Prey - Louise Beech 19 (17) 

Bad Hair Day - Chris Whitehouse 17 (17)

Mist Along the River Bank - Ken Brendon 17 (19)

Ringlets - Trudy Haddon 17 (18)

Ski Racer - Jill Frankham 17 (18)

Preparing the Meal - Alan Shean 17 (18)

Paired Dark Green Fritillaries - John Haddon 17 (18)

Misty - David Johnson 17 (20)

Leading Down the Back Straight - Sean Williams 16 (17)

Damselfly - Rawdon Bottom 16 (17)

At Rest - John Haddon 15 (15)

Avocets in Flight - Ken Brendon 15 (16)

Watergate - Sandra Johnson 15 (16)

Granny's Attic - Louise Beech 14 (17)

Men at Work-Indian Style - Peter Sands 14 (15)

Beached - Dave Hunter 13 (14)

Spiral Fire Escape - Robert Miller 13 (16)

Wall of Nightmares - Michael Vernon 13 (13)

Burnham Overy Staithe - Tony Mar-Gerrison 13 (16)

Full result here.

18/04/2018 Home Desborough and Rothwell PS

After we won at their place last year Desborough and Rothwell PS eased to a win at LPSC.

Congratulations to Louise for her 20 with her PDI  'Kestrel with Prey'.

Judged by Peter Going LRPS

Prints   LPSC 200  DRPS 214   

PDI's    LPSC 201  DRPS 214 

Totals  LPSC 401  DRPS 428


Kestrel in the Morning_Louise Beech_ 17

Silver Washed Fritillary_Ken Brendon_ 18

Leaving Rothley_John Haddon_ 15

Charnian Rock_David Hunter_ 17

Tulip Fantasia_ David Johnson_16

Watergate_Sandra Johnson_ 18

Spiral Staircase with Shadow_Robert Miller_ 16

Final Dip_Peter Sands_ 14

Cold War Jet - Buccaneer_Alan Shean_ 18

Batman; Joker has Escaped_Michael Vernon_ 18

Bee Orchid_John Haddon_ 17

Trees in Winter's Mantle_Ken Brendon_ 16

Total 200


Autumnal Frog_Jill Frankham_ 16

Canary Shoudered Thorn_David Hunter_ 15

Clean Bowled_Sean Williams_ 16

Clockwork Orange_Michael Vernon_ 17

Granny's Attic_Louise Beech_ 17

Kestrel with Prey_Louise Beech_ 20

Large Skipper and Friend_John Haddon_ 17

Mist along the River Bank_Ken Brendon_ 17

Night Steam_Alan Shean_ 16

Ringlets_Trudy Haddon_ 17

Lilies_David Johnson_ 17

New Life_Sandra Johnson_ 16

Total 201



14/03/2018 Dunchurch PS & Hinckley PS at Dunchurch.

Dunchurch were the winners claiming seven 20's ! and four 19's !

with 368 pts. Prints 184 + PDI's 184 

LPSC finished in second place both in prints and PDI's, with a total 342pts.

Prints 173 + PDI's 169

Competition Prints

Kestrel in the Morning_Louise Beech_20 

Silver Washed Fritillary_Ken Brendon_16

Leaving Rothley_John Haddon_17

Charnian Rock_David Hunter_17

Tulip Fantasia_ David Johnson_18

Watergate_Sandra Johnson_17

Spiral Staircase with Shadow_Robert Miller_17

Final Dip_Peter Sands_15

Cold War Jet - Buccaneer_Alan Shean_17

Batman; Joker has Escaped_Michael Vernon_19

Total 173/240

Competition PDI's

Autumnal Frog_Jill Frankham_16

Canary Shoudered thorn_David Hunter_16

Clean Bowled_Sean Williams_16

Clockwork Orange_Michael Vernon_17

Granny's Attic_Louise Beech_17

Kestrel with Prey_Louise Beech_18

Large Skipper and Friend_John Haddon_18

Mist along the River Bank_Ken Brendon_18

Night Steam_Alan Shean_16

Ringlets_Trudy Haddon_17

Total 169/240