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27/11/2017 Nuneaton Away Battle

We had an outstanding result at Nuneaton last night, where we just shaded the print comp 174 to 175, but also won the PDI’s 174 to 170.

Well done everyone.

Here are our members individual results -



14 Across Buttermere by Tony Mar-Gerrison

20 Silverweed by David Hunter

18 Kestrel by Louise Beech

16 Tranquillity by Ken Brendon

16 The End of the Day by Peter Beckett

16 Running Out of Steam by John Haddon

20 Chicken(ed) Out by Michael Vernon

16 Across the Lake by Sandra Johnson

20 Mating Dark Green Fritillaries by John Haddon

19 Cold War Jet by Alan Sheen



16 A Juicy Bit of Gossip by John Haddon

15 Buttermere by Tony Mar-Gerrison

19 Canary Shouldered Thorn by David Hunter

20 Curtain Call Miss Bussell by Michael Vernon

19 Foggy Morn by David Johnson

17 Kestrel at Dusk by Louise Beech

16 Misty Start by David Hunter

17 Osprey Fishing by Jill Frankham

17 Walk Through by Alan Shean

18 Wall of Nightmares by Michael Vernon




15/11/17 Cedars Challenge

Earl Shilton won with 207 points.

Hinckley came second with 200 and we came third with 196.

Broughton Astley scored 181. Judged by Hazel Manning.


Our scores were -

15 Across Buttermere by Tony Mar-Gerrison

20 Silverweed by Dave Hunter

15 Kestrel by Louise Beech

14 Tranquillity by Ken Brendon

14 Mermaid by Alan Sheen

14 Shades of Green by David Johnson

16 The End of the Day by Peter Beckett

18 Running Out of Steam by John Haddon

18 Chicken(ed) Out by Mike Vernon

16 Across the Lake by Sandra Johnson

20 Mating Dark Green Fritillaries by John Haddon

16 Cold War Jet by Alan Sheen

13/10/2017  The Fosse Challenge

Out of the 9 clubs entered we came joint 4th, but with another point would have been second.

Earl Shilton won with 110 points - avg. 18.3pts/print

Sileby and Leicester Forest came equal second with 106 points

Lutterworth and Hinckley were equal 4th with 105 - avg. 17.5pts/print

Coalville 6th with 104

Fosse 7th with 103

Mkt. Harborough 8th with 102

Melton Mowbray 9th with 98


Our own member’s scores were,

 17_Across Buttermere by Tony MarGerrison

18_Kestrel by Louise Beech

17_Cold War Jet by Alan Shean

15_Autumn Fall by Dave Hunter

18_Across the Lake by Sandra Johnson

20_Mating Dark Green Fritillaries by John Haddon


03/10/2017  Away Battle against Fosse and Market Harborough


We sneaked a win in both prints and PDI's and Mike won the raffle :)

The final scores were :-

Prints - LPSC 121, Fosse 119, MHPS 114

PDI’s – LPSC 124, Fosse 123, MHPS 118

Prints :-

18_Across Buttermere by Tony MarGerrison

18_Kestrel by Louise Beech

19_Cold War Jet by Alan Shean

14_I’m Clocking You by Michael Vernon

14_Autumn Fall by Dave Hunter

18_Across the Lake by Sandra Johnson

20_Mating Dark Green Fritillaries by John Haddon


DPI’s :-

15_Canary Shouldered Thorn by Dave Hunter

18_Cuckoo by Louise Beech

19_Curtain Call Miss Bussell by Mike Vernon

16_Tranquillity by Ken Brendon

18_Taking Aim by John Haddon

20_Flying Pelican by Alan Shean

18_Tulip Fantasy by David Johnson


The 2017 'Tripod' battle has been won by North Norfolk. LPSC came second with Kings Lynn 3rd.

1st North Norfolk with 1090 points - average 18.16

2nd Lutterworth with 1054 points - average 17.56

3rd Kings Lynn with 1011 points - average 16.85

Judges score order  Kings Lynn - Lutterworth - North Norfolk

Amanita Rubescenes_Dave Hunter 18 17 17
Banded Demoiselle (Calopteryx splendens)_John Haddon 19 20 19
Brimstone Feeding_Ken Brendon 18 18 17
Buttermere_Tony Mar-Gerrison 17 16 15
Chaffinch_Jill Frankham 17 18 17

Cuckoo_Louise Beech 18 16 20
Curtain Call Miss Bussell_Michael Vernon 20 20 15
Flying Pelican_Alan Shean 17 18 16
Fruit Bat_Alan Shean 18 18 18
Green Hairstreak_Trudy Haddon 19 16 18
Its All Technique_Sean Williams 18 17 17
Lichfield Cathedral_David Johnson 16 18 17
Misty Start_Dave Hunter 19 17 15
Mixed Fortunes_Sean Williams 17 16 16
Mr Right_John Haddon 17 17 16
Old Rogue_John Haddon 18 18 17
Punch on Through_Michael Vernon 19 20 19
Silverweed_Dave Hunter 17 16 18
Spilt Milk_Michael Vernon 19 19 18
Warming Up_Sandra Johnson 17 16 19

12/05/2017 Desborough and Rothwell PS Away - 12 prints and 12 PDI's.

LPSC win at Desborough and Rothwell PS in their end of season away fixture.

Judged by Ralph Duckett MPAGB EFIAP APAGB - Burton on Trent PS

Prints  DRPS 197   LPSC 211

PDI's   DRPS 206   LPSC 214

Totals  DRPS 403   LPSC 425


A Tree In Winter_Ken Brendon 18

Revving Jet_Alan Shean 16

U.S.Warship 'Montgomery'_Alan Shean 20

Into the Nebula_Michael Vernon 16

Leaving_John Haddon 19

An Intimate Moment_Louise Beech 17

Meadow Brown_John Haddon 16

Misty Start_Dave Hunter 17

Poppy Fields_Sandra Johnson 16

Silverweed_Dave Hunter 20

The Rose_David Johnson 16

Balloon Burst_Michael Vernon 20


Fruit Bat_Alan Shean 17

Banded Demoiselle_John Haddon 18

Brimstone Feeding_Ken Brendon 19

Chaffinch_Jill Frankham 18

Cuckoo_Louise Beech 18

Flying Pelican_Alan Shean 17

Amanita Rubescenes_Dave Hunter 17

Its All Technique_Sean Williams 20

Litchfield Cathedral_David Johnson 17

Old Rogue_John Haddon 18

Punch On Through_Michael Vernon 20

Buttermere_Tony Mar-Gerrison 15

Five 20's !  Congratulations to all - an excellent result.

17/03/2017 Hinckley, Dunchurch & Lutterworth three way battle judged by Alan Rich.

Dunchurch won the print section with 126 points. 

Hinckley were second with 123 points and

we brought up the rear with 120 points.


Dunchurch also won the PDI section with 124 points. 

We were second with 123 points and

Hinckley were third with 120 poins.

Overall Dunchurch were the winners, with 250 points, we were second with 243 points and Hinckley were third with 241 points.


16/11/16 Cedars Challenge at Earl Shilton

Earl Shilton won the Cedars Challenge with 213 points.

Hinckley were 2nd with 201 points, leaving Broughton Astley and ourselves 3rd=


10/11/2016 Away at Nuneaton, judged by Hazel Manning

We lost the print section by a whopping 16 point margin and although we pulled much closer in the PDI’s we lost that section by a further 6 points.

 Prints :-

19 Groin Stumps at Low Tide by Ken Brendon

18 Wycliffe's Morning Star by John Haddon

17 Water Rail and Reflection by Jon Bowcutt


20 Balloon Catastrophe by Mike Vernon

19 The Toll Keeper's Wife by John Haddon

18 Sunlight in the Forest by Ken Brendon


14/10/2016 Earl Shilton CC won the Fosse challenge, judged by Sue Wilson

A print competition between 11 clubs, which Earl Shilton won.  We shared 3rd place with Fosse and Sileby.

Our individual scores were :-

 12_Remember_Dave Hunter

19_Bearded Dragon_Alan Shean

17_Groin Stumps at Low Tide_Ken Brendon

12_Meadow Brown_John Haddon

19_Goldilocks_Mike Vernon

16_Intimate Moment_Louise Beech


We have won  the FE Norburn Trophy at Sileby's exhibition,
13th October 2016.

There were 6 PDI's in our winning set :-

1_Kingfisher feeding time_Louise Beech
2_Roosting Male Common Blue_John Haddon
3_Sparrowhawk feeding_Louise Beech
4_Water Rail & reflection_Jon Bowcutt
5_Praying Mantis_Alan Shean
6_Ptarmigan portrait_Jon Bowcutt

We also entered a panel of 6 prints (but we never made it into the top 3) :-
1_Mating Silver Studded Blues_John Haddon
2_Wastwater in November_Michael Vernon
3_Meditation_David Johnson
4_Reflection_Alan Shean
5_Mr. Right_John Haddon
6_Bacton Wood_Tony Mar-Gerrison


7th Oct 2016  3way battle V Fosse & Market Harborough

We had a great result at last night's battle against Fosse and Market Harborough, winning both the print and the PDI sections.

The judge was Jim Hartje, ARPS, DPAGB, APAGB, EFIAP of Peterborough.

Our scores were :-
16_Remember by David Hunter
19_Bearded Dragon by Alan Shean
18_Groin Stumps at Low Tide by Ken Brendon
20_Meadow Brown by John Haddon
15_Goldilocks by Michael Vernon
20_An Intimate Moment by Louise Beech
20_Wycliffe, Morning Star of the Reformation by John Haddon
Total 128
16_Remembering the Medical Corps_Alan Shean
18_Sparrowhawk feeding_Louise Beech
18_Blue Streaks_Dave Hunter
19_Roosting Male Common Blue_John Haddon
20_The Eyes Have It_Mike Vernon
14_Misty Solitude_Jill Frankham
19_Water Rail & reflection_Jon Bowcutt
 Total 124


Well done to Louise and Mike for their 20's

Here are the detailed results of the 3-way with N.Norfolk and Kings Lynn.
(Scores were from the Lutterworth judge, then the Kings Lynn Judge and then the N.Norfolk judge)
1st North Norfolk (354,341,339) 1034 points
2nd Kings Lynn (340, 327,343) 1010points
3rd Lutterworth (346, 316, 318) 980 points
Our top scoring images were :-
Buzzard with Prey by Jon Bowcutt (20,19,18) 57points
Misty Dawn by Jon Bowcutt (19,18,17) 54 points
Water Rail & Reflection by Jon Bowcutt (18,18,18) 54 points
Roosting Common Blue by John Haddon (17,20,17) 54 points
Bulbus Honey Fungus by John Haddon (17,18,17) 52 points
Resolute by John Haddon (18,17,16) 51 points
Stag and Hinds by Louise Beech (18,15,17) 50 points
As usual, there were a number of images that split the judges, which gave us all plenty to talk about, (the Kings Lynn judge in particular.)
Some from our own members :-
Blue Streaks by Dave Hunter (17,12,18) 47 points
Hartshill Wood in Autumn by Trudy Haddon (17,17,13) 47 points
Rosy Bottle by Jill Frankham (17,12,15) 44 points
Storm Brewing by David Johnson (18,12,18) 48 points
We Salute You by Mike Vernon (18,13,17) 48 points